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Welcome to Camosun’s Student Wellness and Fitness Blog! This blog is hosted by your Fitness and Recreation Department. Our purpose for creating this blog is to support your learning and overall wellbeing. We want your experience at Camosun College to be a happy and productive one.

We recognize that you and your fellow students are the experts on the type of stresses and concerns you are feeling. For that reason we have recruited Camosun students to provide input and to write the articles whenever possible.

Currently Taryn Emerson is our Recreation and Wellness Ambassador. Taryn welcomes your feedback and if you want to play an active role in our blog, please let her know at

Taryn Emerson

Recreation and Wellness Ambassador

About Taryn

Hi! I’m Taryn, and I’m in my fourth year of the Bachelor of Sport and Fitness Leadership, Sport Management Specialization program. A mouthful, I know, but when I’m not explaining my degree to people, I enjoy playing soccer, walking everyone else’s dog, apologizing to my cat for doing so, and colour coding my life!

I am the main contributor of this Wellness Blog, not just because it is a part of my co-op, but because I want to make a difference at the college before I graduate! But I am just one voice, my real dream is to have this blog grow from the input of my classmates. If you have a passion piece, or something you think other students ought to know, I encourage you to share your thoughts with me, even write your own blog. We would love to share it!

Email me at

Check out our Facebook Page @CamosunRecreation and keep your eye open for our free, fun, on-campus activities (i.e. pop up fitness, stress busters).

Latest blog posts

Fresh or Frozen? Let’s Settle the Debate

May 17, 2018 - 9:11 am • Fitness and Recreation • Taryn Emerson

Story time for everyone reading! When I first started here, I was living under the assumption that fresh is always better than frozen – and that also contributes to why they can be more expensive! But having spoken to the coordinator Meghan, she told me about a study where they found that frozen veggies are just as nutrient packed as their fresh friends, or sometimes even better!

Positivity as a Cycle (What Goes Around Comes Around)

May 11, 2018 - 1:13 pm • Fitness and Recreation • Taryn Emerson

How does one cultivate positivity? And have you ever thought about karma or consciously tried to put some good out to the universe? I have! Like when a fellow female is in need of a tampon in the bathroom, if I have a spare I will happily pass it on! Because I know, that one day I will need one and that there will be another person will share there’s and I like to think it’s connected to me sharing my own.

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