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Men's Basketball Team

Camosun currently fields teams in basketball, volleyball and golf. Since joining the CCAA and PACWEST conferences in 1994, the Chargers have competed in over 100 national and provincial championships with over 50 medal winning finishes. Our student-athletes carry a proud tradition of scholarship and have earned hundreds of awards in recognition of their achievements in academics and athletic performance.

2018-2019 Chargers Men's Basketball Team

Roster will be announced in September 2018.

About the Head Coach


Scot Cuachon Head Coach

Home Town: Orillia, ON

High School: Patrick Fogarty Secondary


  • Fanshawe College, Travel and Tourism
  • University of Western Ontario, BA Business
  • NCCP Level 3

Coaching Positions and Highlights

  • Head Coach Chargers Men's Basketball 2012-Present (2016 PACWEST Silver Medalists)
  • Asst. Coach Chargers Men's Basketball 2011-12
  • Jr. Vikes Boys' Program
  • U15 BC Regional Boys
  • U14 BC Regional Boys
  • St. Andrews Senior Boys
  • Ontario Basketball Assoc. U14-U17 Boys' Development Coach
  • U10-U17 Boys London Ramblers Basketball Club
  • Brett Burley

    Assistant Coach

  • Tyler Verde

    Assistant Coach

  • Kate Perry

    Strength & Conditioning Coach

  • Matt Lumsdaine

    Athletic Therapist

  • Leon Young

    Student Athletic Therapist

  • Eduardo Contreras

    Student Athletic Therapist

Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) & Pacific Western Athletic Association (PACWEST) Awards & Achievements

CCAA National Championships

Year Result
2015-2016 8th Place
2005-2006 8th Place

CCAA Individual Awards

Name Year Award
Lachlan Ross 2014-2015 National Scholar Athlete
Quinn Yates 2014-2015 National Scholar Athlete
Harrison Mar 2013-2014 National Scholar Athlete
Lachlan Ross 2013-2014 National Scholar Athlete
Mitch Knippleberg 2012-2013 National Scholar Athlete
Jordan Elvedahl 2012-2013 Academic All-Canadian
Jordan Elvedahl 2011-2012 Academic All-Canadian
National Scholar Athlete
Blake Mansbridge 2011-2012 National Scholar Athlete
Igor Jesnovik 2011-2012 National Scholar Athlete
Jordan Elvedahl 2010-2011 National Scholar Athlete
Ryan Erikson 2010-2011 National Scholar Athlete
James Lundy 2010-2011 National Scholar Athlete
Blake Mansbridge 2010-2011 National Scholar Athlete
Academic All-Canadian
Rulon Schmidt 2010-2011 National Scholar Athlete
Ryan Erikson 2009-2010 National Scholar Athlete
Blake Mansbridge 2009-2010 National Scholar Athlete
Jeff Spoor 2007-2008 National Scholar Athlete
Academic All-Canadian
Marek Downarowicz 2007-2008 Scholar Athlete
Gord Thatcher 2005-2006 Men’s Basketball Coach of the Year
Chris Spoor 2004-2005 Academic All-Canadian
Chris Spoor 2003-2004 Academic All-Canadian

PACWEST Provincial Championships

Year Result
2017-2018 4th Place
2016-2017 5th Place
2015-2016 Silver Medalists
2014-2015 5th Place
2012-2013 5th Place
2011-2012 Bronze Medalists
Year Result
2010-2011 5th Place
2007-2008 Bronze Medalists
2006-2007 5th Place
2005-2006 Silver Medalists
2003-2004 4th Place
1999-2000 6th Place

PACWEST Individual Awards

Name Year Award
Mathew Hampton 2017-18 2nd Team All-Star
Dallas Hancox 2017-18 2nd Team All-Star
Mat Hampton 2015-16 All-Rookie Team
Athlete of the Week (Jan. 4-10, 2016)
Ted Neilson 2015-16 2nd Team All-Star
Hassan Phills 2014-15 Athlete of the Week (Jan. 26-Feb. 1)
Lachlan Ross 2014-15 Academic Excellence
Quinn Yates 2014-15 All-Rookie Team
Lachlan Ross 2013-14 Academic Excellence
Trevor Scheurmann 2013-14 1st Team All-Star
Drake Downer 2012-13 Athlete of the Week (Nov. 26-Dec. 2)
Jordan Elvedahl 2012-13 2nd Team All-Star
Academic Excellence
James Giuffre 2012-13 Rookie of the Year
Kaz Kobayashi 2012-13 All-Rookie Team
Rulon Schmidt 2012-13 Academic Excellence
Evan Woodson 2012-13 All-Rookie Team
James Blandford 2011-12 Rookie of the Year
2nd Team All-Star
All-Rookie Team
Athlete of the Week (Jan. 9-15)
Jordan Elvedahl 2011-12 2nd Team All-Star
Academic Excellence
Blake Mansbridge 2011-12 2nd Team All-Star
Academic Excellence
Trevor Scheurmann 2011-12 All-Rookie Team
Rulon Schmidt 2011-12 Academic Excellence
Jordan Elvedahl 2010-11 Academic Excellence
Ryan Erikson 2010-11 Academic Excellence
Blake Mansbridge 2010-11 2nd Team All-Star
Academic Excellence
Ryan Erikson 2009-10 Academic Excellence
Blake Mansbridge 2009-10 Academic Excellence
Nick Adair 2008-09 Rookie of the Year
All-Rookie Team
Jeff Krawetz 2007-08 2nd Team All-Star
Jeff Spoor 2007-08 1st Team All-Star
Academic Excellence
Gord Thatcher 2007-08 Men's Basketball Coach of the Year
Brandon Dunlop 2006-07 Rookie of the Year
1st Team All-Star
Braydon Janzen 2006-07 Athlete of the Week (Jan. 14-21)
Jeff Spoor 2006-07 Academic Excellence
Gord Thatcher 2006-07 Men's Basketball Coach of the Year
Mike Hull 2005-06 Athlete of the Week (Jan. 8-15, 2006)
C.G. Morrison 2005-06 Rookie of the Year
C.G. Morrison 2005-06 2nd Team All-Star
Athlete of the Week (Jan. 22-29, 2006)
Gord Thatcher 2005-06 Men's Basketball Coach of the Year
Greg Wallis 2005-06 1st Team All-Star
Chris Spoor 2004-05 2nd Team All-Star
Greg Wallis 2004-05 Rookie of the Year
Brady Quast 2003-04 2nd Team All-Star
Chris Spoor 2003-04 1st Team All-Star
Athlete of the Week (Jan. 12-18, 2004)
Gord Thatcher 2003-04 Men’s Basketball Coach of the Year
Jason Tiffin 2000-01 2nd Team All-Star

University Transfers

Name Year University
Ryan Erikson 2009-2011 University of Victoria
Nick Adair 2008-2009 University of Victoria
Jeff Spoor 2007-2008 University of Victoria
Mark Downarowicz 2007-2008 University of Regina
Brandon Dunlop 2006-2007 University of Victoria
Braydon Janzen 2006-2007 University of Alberta
Grant Fedorak 2004-2005 Simon Fraser University
Mike Hull 2005-2006 University of Victoria
C.G. Morrison 2005-2006 University of Alberta
Isiah Pasquale 2005-2006 University of Victoria
Greg Wallis 2004-2006 Simon Fraser University
Chris Spoor 2002-2004 University of Victoria
Nolan Holmes 2002-2004 Simon Fraser University
Jason Tiffin 1999-2001 University of Victoria
John White 1998-1999 University of Calgary
Reagan Daly 1998-1999 University of Victoria
Neal Cranna 1995-1996 University of Victoria
Matt Loveless 1994-1995 University of Victoria
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