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The Big Sadowski

By Chargers Announcer Ian Lahay

January 17, 2014

Alex Sadowski is the Mr. Big of volleyball players. The 3rd year Middle out of Belmont in Victoria is quietly enjoying another fantastic season roaming the front for the Camosun Chargers. Arguably the most consistent Charger game in and out, we wanted to find out what makes the big man tick. Chargers Announcer Ian Lahay sat down with the electrical engineering student and featured athlete to find out.

alex2Ian: How did you get into volleyball?

Alex: My sister played into post-secondary so I was around it quite a lot when I was growing up. I found I had a passion for volleyball throughout middle and high school. Although I did love playing, I never focused heavily on one sport, playing basketball, soccer and baseball as well. After high school I went to UVic for two years playing recreationally as much as I could. Then when I found myself at Camosun I jumped on the opportunity to play competitively again.

Ian: I’ve heard about the demands of the engineering program. How do you find a balance between school and play?

Alex: As frustrating as competitive sport can be, I ultimately find volleyball really relaxing. It’s a great way for me to release tension and stress, especially when my schoolwork load gets heavy. Because of this my time spent working on school is more productive. It can still be difficult at times to organize and prioritize schoolwork during the season, but I find that a little hard work and good time management can go a long way.

Ian: It’s been a rollercoaster ride of a season up to this point. Where do you see the team going from here?

Alex: Our team has had its ups and downs. With a strong start I felt very confident, but a somewhat intermittent finish to the first half exposed a few key weaknesses in our play. The good news is that we have been working hard and have emerged a stronger team. I can see our team extending our season to nationals this year if we put in the time and effort necessary. Our league is so close this year and it all depends if we can peak when the time is right.

Ian: What does it mean for you to be a Charger?

Alex: I’ve had great experiences since joining the Charger family. I have made connections that I know I will have forever and that have greatly influenced the last few years of my life. Our head coach Charles Parkinson has always said, “Once a Charger always a Charger.”

Ian: What’s the plan after you finish school?

Alex: After Camosun I will be bridging to UVic to complete my degree in Electrical Engineering. Once that is complete I see myself pursuing a career somewhere on Vancouver Island or in the Lower Mainland. I would like to be able to give back to the volleyball community.

Ian: Final thoughts from the man known as the “Biiiig Sadowski”?

Alex: Hope to see the fans pile into the seats as we wrap our season. We want to hear you Charger nation #Chargerpride.

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