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Time-Out with Douglass Waterman

Throughout the season, students from the Chargers Athletics varsity program will take time from their academic and athletic pursuits to share their sport and non-sport related insights, interests and inspirations. Today's "Time-Out" features Camosun men's volleyball co-captain Douglass Waterman. Find out how Doug got started playing volleyball, what he wishes to accomplish at Camosun and who backs up his winning reach (which spans 6'7½")!

Douglass Waterman

Men's Volleyball
Home Town
Victoria, BC
High School
Belmont Secondary
Program of Study
Bachelor of Sport & Fitness Leadership
Head Coach
Charles Parkinson

Where did you grow up and how did you get started playing volleyball?

I grew up in Langford and then moved to Metchosin. One of my teachers, Chris Johnson, told me to come out and play when I was in Grade 8 at Dunsmuir. A bunch of my friends were on the team so I joined and we all played from Grade 8-12 at Dunsmuir and Belmont. When I was in Grade 12, our Belmont team played in the Chargers Sr. Boys’ High School Tournament and Charles came up to me and told me I had potential and that was the start of my career at Camosun!

What do you consider to be your top 3 achievements so far?

Representing Camosun and winning the 2015 CCAA National Men’s Volleyball Championships was huge! Being named to the PACWEST All-Rookie team last year was also a highlight and having Charles select me as co-captain this year, especially as a second-year player, is a big honor.

What does being a co-captain mean to you and what are your responsibilities?

I am definitely my own person and I feel that I can lead the team in future years, but I like to base a lot of what I do on what I’ve learned from my role models and former teammates Alex Sadowski and Jeremy Finn. Alex, because he’s a great middle and a great person … and Jeremy, because I admire his skills as a captain and I always appreciate the things he says to me.

Our captain Vitor Macedo is very good at keeping control and being the leader and reminding the guys about things off the court. As co-captain, it’s more of being a bigger person on the court and trying to rally the team and keep things going and not being afraid to remind the guys to pick it up in practice.

What do you want to accomplish while you’re at Camosun?

Ideally, I would like to finish at Camosun with my BSFL degree. In terms of volleyball, I would love to bring as much success as possible to the school and to get more kids from middle school and high school involved in the sport. I also want to represent myself as someone that kids can look up to, especially those who are coming into the sport of volleyball.

What do you think sets the Chargers apart from other programs? Do you think the support system here at the College will help you reach your potential academically and athletically?

We have an unbelievable family type of feeling on this team between parents and players and teammates. I’ve never been as close with a team before … it feels like an unbreakable bond. I love what I do even more because of that closeness and the support we get from our families both on the court and in school. The support here at Camosun doesn’t stop. People are always willing to help you out.

Who are your biggest supporters off the court?

Off the court, my biggest supporters are definitely my parents and my sister. My dad is a Victoria police officer, my mom works at UVic (and she worked at Camosun) and my sister is in the Pharmacy program at UVic. My dad is really into my volleyball. He’s a very observant person and loves to know all the stats, even what’s going on with the players on the other teams.

Chris Johnson, my coach from Dunsmuir and Belmont has also been a huge supporter. I can’t say enough about her and I don’t know if I’d even been playing volleyball if it wasn’t for her. She’s been 100 % supportive of me and she will always be a good friend. She actually schedules her life around our home game schedule!

What are the rewards of being a Charger?

As a team, we want to keep a high reputation for ourselves and accomplish our goals every year. It would be awesome to be able to say down the road that we were part of a generation of guys who were dominant on the playing field AND just really good, respectable people.

Why do you value the Chargers program? How do you feel it benefits non-athletes, like the student body and the community?

When we travel to compete in other schools and places, I always think about how much I love playing at Camosun. From the moment you join the program, you are part of something special. Everyone is treated equally whether they’re a rookie or a vet and everyone helps with everything.

The students we have classes with like to come out and watch the games and we love the support they give us. There are probably more students from Interurban because we’re based here. At Lansdowne, it may not be noticed as much but it’s a different campus so it makes sense.

What’s your favorite thing to do outside of volleyball?

Music … I love music! I love listening to it, playing it and creating it. I’ll sit down on the piano and play, I play guitar and drums … and I like to sing!

Do you have any pre-game rituals?

I’m not a superstitious person but I always have to have my head phones with me. I like to make sure I’m here early and I like to look good. Socks matching, sleeves matching … look good, play good!

Is there anything interesting that most people don’t know about you?

Most people don’t know that I never played Team BC or club before joining the Chargers. I played through high school because it was fun, I loved the competition and I loved playing with my friends, but I never thought it would turn into anything other than that. Before meeting Charles, I was actually going to take a year off after graduating from high school because I didn’t know what I was going to do!

What’s your dream job?

Obviously, it would be great to play sports for a living! If not that, I would love to be a music producer.

And the question that’s burning in everyone’s mind … are there actually two s’s in your name?

Ha, ha … apparently, someone distantly related to our family had the name Douglass for a middle name, so that’s where it came from. It’s funny because my sister Briana only has one “n” in her name, so both of us have names you rarely ever see.

October 29, 2015

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