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Student Records

Requests for Transfer Credit

Many students come to Camosun having already completed some courses at other colleges or universities. Often that coursework can be evaluated for credit towards a Camosun College credential. The process involves a form, a fee, and sealed, official transcripts.

Requests for Transfer Credit

For more information, please contact Student Records - Transfer Credit at

Step 1 - Request form

Download and complete the Request for Transfer Credit Evaluation PDF

Step 2 - Pay your fee

Pay the non-refundable transcript evaluation fee (for each transcript you want evaluated).

  • $50 per transcript within BC
  • $50 per International Baccalaureate (IB) and Advanced Placement (AP) transcript
  • $80 per transcript outside of BC but within Canada
  • $100 per transcript outside of Canada

Step 3 - Provide transcript(s)

If you've already submitted an official transcript from the institution(s) please be sure to note it on the request. Otherwise, order a sealed, official transcript from the post-secondary institution(s) you attended. Have the institution(s) send the transcript directly to Student Records, or bring it in yourself — the envelope and seal must be unopened and unbroken.

Step 4 - Provide Detailed Course Syllabi/ Outlines

Transfer credit requests for institutions outside of BC, must have detailed course syllabi/outlines provided for all courses for which transfer credit is being sought. There may be times when detailed course syllabi/outlines from BC institutions are required and will be requested. If detailed course syllabi/outliness are written in a language other than English, official translations to English need to be included. If these are not provided in a timely fashion, processing time lines are much longer.

Timelines and deadlines

It usually takes 8-10 weeks to process general transcript evaluations once all documentation (see below) is received. Complex assessments, that require consultation with faculty or other institutions, may take considerably longer. It's necessary that all documentation related to the evaluation of credit – completed request form; payment; transcript(s); and detailed course syllabi/outlines - be submitted well before a semester or program start date. Transfer credit requests submitted after the following deadlines may or may not be processed in advance of registration dates.

  • For a September start, submit everything prior to February 1
  • For a January start, submit everything prior to August 15
  • For a May start, submit everything prior to December 15

All enrolled courses are subject to the withdrawal and refund policies for each semester, quarter or term regardless of pending transfer credit.

Re-evaluation of transcripts

If you change your academic goal and require a re-evaluation towards a new program, the same previously submitted transcripts will be re-evaluated with no additional fee. If your transcript is from outside of BC, you are required to provide detailed course syllabi/outlines for all course for which transfer credit is being sought.

Transfer Credit Re-evaluation form

Submit your forms

The form, completed in full, can be provided to Camosun in a number of ways.

By mail

Camosun College Lansdowne Campus
Attn: Student Records-Transfer Credit
3100 Foul Bay Road
Victoria BC V8P 5J2

By email

In person

  • Service currently unavailable

Your official transcript(s) may be on file, accompany the request form, follow by mail, or be delivered in person (unopened) to Student Records.

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Camosun College Lansdowne
3100 Foul Bay Rd
Victoria BC V8P 5J2
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