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Sexual Violence Support and Education


Camosun College is committed to creating and maintaining a healthy learning and working environment in which sexual violence and misconduct is not tolerated. In order to provide the key information, knowledge, skills and confidence required to support those who have experienced sexual violence or misconduct, and prevent this from occurring to others, we are developing educational offerings for employees and students.

Educational sessions on Consent Education and Supporting a Disclosure are currently in development.

Consent comes first

In Canada, the law clearly states that there has to be an affirmative "yes" - or voluntary agreement - between parties, to engage in sexual activity. Consent cannot be assumed - it must be clearly communicated. This requires that a consenting individual is able to freely choose between two options: "yes" and "no". Specifically, this means that:

  • Consent is active and continuous, not passive or silent.
  • It is the responsibility of the person who wants to engage in physical contact or sexual activity to make sure that they have consent from the other person(s) involved.
  • Consent is not the absence of "no" or silence.
  • Consent is required regardless of the parties' relationship status or sexual history together.
  • Consent cannot be given by an individual if they are asleep, unconscious, or otherwise unable to communicate.
  • Consent cannot be given by an individual if they are impaired by alcohol and/or drugs.
  • Consent is not possible if an individual uses their position of power or authority to manipulate, threaten, or coerce someone into saying "yes".
  • An individual can withdraw consent at any time during the course of a sexual encounter.

Additional resources on consent

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