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Registration Changes - Credit Course Registration

Get the details on your registration: learn how to manage your waitlist, withdraw from courses, audit courses and how to resolve course conflicts.

Manage your Waitlist

You can waitlist for any full section, except those marked "Restricted."

  • Make sure you have:
    • met the prerequisites/co-requisites of the course for which you are waitlisting, and  
    • waitlisted for a course that does not conflict with the rest your timetable (or you will not be registered).
  • You will be automatically enrolled in waitlisted sections as soon as a seat becomes available in the class up until midnight the night before the start of the semester/term.
  • Up until the first day of the class, be sure to check your schedule to see if you have been enrolled in the class. By accessing the Manage My Waitlists section on Camlink, you can see your current position on the waitlist. We recommend you remove unwanted waitlisted courses from the Preferred Sections list using the Manage My Waitlist function to avoid unnecessary automatic registration and fee payment.
  • Beginning the first day of classes, you should attend your waitlisted course. If there is space, the instructor may sign a 'Permission to Register' (PTR) form. In order to register in the class, you must drop off the completed Permission to Register form in the BLUE Student Service drop boxes located at either campus. Permission to register forms will be accepted until 12 noon the day of the fee deadline.
    • Lansdowne: Main floor of the Dawson or Fisher buildings
    • Interurban: 2nd floor of Liz Ashton Campus Centre
  • After you have dropped off your signed form, you must register in the class on Camlink.
    • If you drop off the PTR form before 12pm, you will be able to register on Camlink after 4pm the same business day.
    • If the PTR is dropped off after 12pm, you will be able to register on Camlink after 11am the next business day.
  • Pay the required fees by the fee deadline.

Withdrawing from Courses

Camosun recognizes that you may need to withdraw from courses. Financial and/or academic penalties for course withdrawals may be imposed depending on whether you withdraw before or after the fee deadline or course withdrawal deadline.

As established in the Course Withdrawals Policy, students who have attended one or more classes who do not officially withdraw prior to the published deadlines, and who fail to successfully complete required course work will be assigned a final grade of "F" or "NC" depending on the grading system being used in the course.

You can withdraw from courses:

  • Up to the tuition fee deadline without tuition charge, less the non-refundable registration deposit. Students who fail to drop classes prior to the fee deadline will be required to pay outstanding fees.
  • After the tuition deadline, if you wish to officially withdraw from a course, you must submit a signed Request to Add or Drop a Course after Fee Deadline form to the Registration department.

The deadline to withdraw without academic penalty falls before completion of 66% of the academic term.* Please see Important Dates for the precise date. Course Withdrawals will not be permitted after this deadline date. If you do not attend classes and do not officially withdraw (via Camlink or the Registration Department) on or before official published fee deadlines, you will be required to pay all outstanding fees and will receive no further service until the fees are paid.

NOTE: Students receiving financial assistance such as student loans are advised to speak to a Financial Aid Advisor before withdrawing from courses.

*Medical/Compassionate Withdrawals

Students who have extenuating medical or compassionate circumstance and who wish to withdraw after the deadline must make a request for special consideration.

To request a refund (less the non-refundable registration deposit and all Student Society fees and levies) after the fee deadline for medical or compassionate reasons, obtain a Request for Withdrawal for Medical or Compassionate Reasons form, and submit it with cover letter and appropriate documentation to Registration. Requests for Medical or Compassionate Withdrawals will normally be approved only up to the last day of instructional activity (prior to final exams).

Auditing Courses

All courses except those listed as "Restricted" are available to audit. If you are a current student and you wish to audit a course, follow these steps:

  • On the first day of class, go to the classroom and ask the instructor to sign a Permission to Audit (PTA) form
  • Once you have been admitted to the class, drop the completed and signed (by instructor) PTA form into one of the Student Services Drop Boxes located at:
    • Lansdowne Campus: East entrance, Isabel Dawson building
    • Interurban Campus: 2nd floor hallway, Liz Ashton Campus Centre
  • If permission to audit is granted:
    • prior to the fee deadline you will be required to pay 50% of the tuition for the audit course
    • after the fee deadline, full tuiton fees are applicable
    • the Student Records Department will process the change to audit
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