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Steps to Register - Credit Course Registration

Register for academic courses using Camlink, Camosun's online registration system. You can use Camlink to view what, when and where courses are offered, find deadlines and important dates, view your class schedule, tuition fees, unofficial transcript and T2202A tax receipt, and update your contact information to keep it current. Camlink is open every day from 6am to 4am.

Step 1 - Web Declare and Get Your Registration Date

New students: skip this step; we will automatically Web Declare you.

Current students: use Web Declare to inform the College you plan to return to study in the upcoming semester or term. When you Web Declare you'll get your personal registration date—the date you can start to use Camlink to register in classes for the upcoming term.

Web Declare is only available to enrolled students for a limited period in each term, so we do our best to communicate the date that it becomes available. Keep your email address up-to-date* or check Camlink regularly for advisory notices. If you have been away from Camosun for a year or more, you are no longer considered a current student and will have to reapply to the college. Contact Admissions.

* If your email address is up-to-date but you're not receiving emails from Camosun, please check to make sure they're not going into your junk folder.

To web declare and receive your registration date, go to Camlink and after logging in:

  1. Select the Step 1: Web Declare link under the Students Menu Page.
  2. Use the pull-down to select the term you wish to declare for.
  3. Select only one program.
  4. Select your course load (full-time or part-time) and campus location (e.g. LA – Lansdowne or IN – Interurban).
  5. If your program offers specialisations, select a specialisation.
  6. Make note of your registration date. You will be able to start registering on or after that date up until the first day of class.

Step 2 - Pay your registration deposit

For each academic term/semester, you have to pay a $175 non-refundable registration deposit*, which is applied to your total fees for that academic period. If you choose not to attend classes in the term or semester for which you paid the deposit, it can be transferred to the next possible intake of your program (within 12 months). This one-time option is only available if you request the transfer prior to the first day of the term or semester.

*Note: Payment of a registration deposit does not guarantee entry to courses, as this is dependent upon academic prerequisites and upon the availability of seats.

Online Payment options

Pay online using Camlink: choose Step 2: Pay My Deposit on the Student Menu page and follow the instructions provided. For help, contact Registration.

  • Credit Card
  • Online Banking: Pay at least 5 days prior to your registration date.

Other Payment options

Step 3 - Build your timetable

Students may not enrol in more than 20.0 credits per term unless required by their program.

Once you've web declared, you can search for classes and build a preferred timetable. You'll need to build a timetable in order to register in Step 4.

Don't know what courses you want to take?

Make sure you have met the prerequisites and corequisites for each course and the Registration office has proof on file.

It's useful to work up a Timetable Worksheet on paper before you go on Camlink. For help understanding course codes, see Camlink Timetable Definitions.

After logging in on the Students Menu on Camlink:

  1. Select Step 3: Build My Timetable
  2. Select the term, subject, and course number (if applicable) of the courses you wish to add to your timetable list. (For a general list of the available courses in a subject area, enter subject only).
  3. If you want to narrow your search, you can enter additional items such as starting and ending dates; course level; section number; preferred hours or days.
  4. Courses that match  your search criteria will appear on the Search Results page
  5. From the Search Results page, build your timetable by selecting the check box beside the courses listed.

Step 4 - Register for courses

Students may not enrol in more than 20.0 credits per term unless required by their program.

You will be able to register, waitlist or drop classes on your assigned registration date if you have paid your non-refundable registration deposit.


  1. Log into Camlink.
  2. Select Step 4 Register & Drop Classes.
  3. For classes with space availability choose Register from the Action drop-down menu, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and submit.
  4. If the course is full or has a waitlist choose Waitlist from the Action drop-down menu, scroll to the bottom of the page, and submit or return to the main menu and search for another section.
  5. To drop a class,* under Current Registrations, check the box beside each course you want to drop, and submit. Once you've dropped any or all of your classes, you need to view your schedule to verify the changes have been made.

* After the add/drop deadline all drops must be done in person with Registration and no course refunds will be issued. Failing to officially drop by certain deadlines can affect you academically and financially. More information about dropping a course after the add/drop deadline.

Pay your tuition fees

To complete your registration, you have to pay the balance of your tuition fees each semester/term by the fee deadline.

Method of Payment

You can pay by using online banking. Other methods of payment include cheque, debit, sponsorship, or a passport to education.  Tuition fee balances CANNOT be paid using credit card.

To determine your total fees, see Step 6 on Camlink in the Students Menu under Pay my fees.

A late payment fee of $50 ($50 to $499 owing) or $100 (greater than $500 owing) is applied to accounts with outstanding balances after the fee deadline date. A restriction to all college services will be placed on your student file until full payment is received.

Fee Refund Policy

Familiarize yourself with the fee policies prior to enrolling in courses.

If you decide not to attend, you must officially drop the classes on or before the fee deadline, or you will owe the remainder of the fees.

After the fee deadline, all withdrawals must be done in person with Registration and no refunds will be issued.

Student Society Fees & Levies

Refund of these fees and levies is not provided after published fee deadlines. Student Society fees are listed here.

Withdrawing from Courses

Students receiving financial assistance such as student loans are advised to speak to a Financial Aid Advisor before withdrawing from courses.

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