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General information

Lansdowne campus

Camosun College Lansdowne
Alan Batey Library & Learning Commons
3100 Foul Bay Rd
Victoria BC V8P 5J2

Interurban campus

Camosun College Interurban
Liz Ashton Campus Centre, 3rd Floor
4461 Interurban Rd
Victoria BC V9E 2C1

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Service and Support Feedback

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Library Staff Contacts

Name Title Campus Email Telephone
Sybil Harrison Director of Learning Services Lansdowne 250-370-3604
Carrie Charlesworth Assistant to the Director Lansdowne 250-370-3612
Donna Blair Library Services Supervisor Lansdowne 250-370-3625
Gwenda Bryan Librarian Chair, Systems & Discovery Lansdowne 250-370-3610
Peggy Chorney Library Assistant Interurban 250-370-4534
Margie Clarke Librarian, Acquisitions Interurban 250-370-4533
Kathryn Cowden Library Assistant, Reserve Material Lansdowne 250-370-3525
Sherry Cronk Library Assistant Lansdowne, Interurban 250-370-3619/3828
Ally Flynn Librarian, Media Interurban 250-370-4633
Annette Hansen Library Assistant Lansdowne 250-370-3615
Young Joo Copyright Advisor Lansdowne 250-370-3611
Brittney Kreuzer Library Technician Lansdowne 250-370-3627
Jennifer Lambert Librarian, Information Literacy, Serials & Databases Lansdowne 250-370-3605
Robbyn Lanning Librarian Lansdowne 250-370-3501
Jackie McFarlan Librarian Lansdowne 250-370-3630
Sean McGrath Library Assistant Interurban 250-370-4532
Natalie McNeely Library Technician Interurban 250-370-4790
Karen Murray Library Technician, Media & Interlibrary Loans Lansdowne 250-370-3607
Megan Nelson Acting Library Services Supervisor Interurban 250-370-4531
Ashley Pomeroy Library Assistant Interurban 250-370-4534
Patricia (Patsy) Scott Librarian Lansdowne 250-370-3606
Stacey Steil Library Technician, Serials Lansdowne 250-370-3618
Jennifer Stenberg Library Technician, Cataloguing Lansdowne 250-370-3616
Kimberley Sutcliffe Library Technician, Acquisitions Lansdowne, Interurban 250-370-3603/4998
Debbie Webb Library Services Supervisor Interurban 250-370-4531
Contact Us
Camosun College Lansdowne
3100 Foul Bay Rd
Victoria BC V8P 5J2
Camosun College Interurban
4461 Interurban Rd
Victoria BC V9E 2C1
  • 250–370–3000
  • 1–877–554–7555 (toll-free)

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