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Frequently Asked Questions

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We offer one-on-one tutoring, tips and tools for learning English, Math, Stats, and the sciences.

General Help Centre FAQ


  • Who works in the Help Centres?
    All of our tutors have a Bachelor’s degree and several years of teaching and/or tutoring experience. Most also have teaching credentials and/or a Master’s degree. They’re all highly skilled in assisting you with your course work. Their job title is Instructional Assistant, or IA, for short.
  • Can I visit the Help Centres without asking a question or seeing a tutor?
    If you’d like to use the room simply to study or to use the computer, printer, or photocopier, please feel free. You can bring your lunch or help yourself to our tea station where available.

  • Can I visit a Help Centre on a different campus?
    Yes, if you are a student attending classes at Lansdowne, Interurban, off-campus partner sites, or online you are welcome to use services and facilities at both campuses.
  • How many questions can I ask at a time?
    You can ask one or many, depending on how many other students are waiting for help and how much the IA thinks it is best to work on at once.
  • If I miss a class, will the Instructional Assistant teach me the lesson I missed?
    No, teaching an entire lesson is not possible. If you miss a class, contact your instructor for notes or information on what was covered. The IA and instructor can provide support, but it is your responsibility to learn the material.
  • Can I get help with homework?
    Yes, for graded homework, IAs can provide help at their discretion. In these cases, it’s best to come with mostly completed work about which you have very specific questions. Otherwise, the IAs are happy to discuss concepts and practice questions from your textbook. Also see English FAQ on this topic.
  • Can you tell me what grade I might receive on my assignment?
    No, please approach your instructor regarding any concerns about grading.
  • Can I eat or drink in the Help Centres?
    Yes, please be respectful of others by choosing quiet snacks with little to no odour and by cleaning up after yourself. Food should be kept away from computers and drink should be in a closed cup.
  • Can I talk or use a phone?
    Feel free to quietly discuss homework with others, but general chatting or cell phone use should be taken outside.
  • Is there a printer?
    There are no student printers in the math help centres or labs, though you can print (for a fee) from any networked computer or personal wireless device using the PaperCut cloud-based system.

Englsih Help Centre FAQ


  • Do I need an appointment to get English help?
    If you are an Academic Upgrading student, English help is provided on a drop-in basis:  ENGL 021 to ENGL 059 at the Academic Upgrading Help Centre in CBA 109, and ENGL 092 to ENGL 142 at the English Help Centre in Ewing 202. If you are an English Language Development student, you may book two 30-minute appointments per week (on the sign-up sheet) at the EHC in Ewing 202 or at the ELD Help Centre in CBA 160.  Multilingual speakers enrolled in university-level courses may book two 30-minute appointments per week online.

    If you have a quick question, you can also receive support at the Academic Upgrading desk.
  • Can you proofread my paper?
    Our goal is to help you to become a better writer, so we’ll help you learn how to improve your writing (instead of proofreading your work).
  • I’m having trouble getting started with this assignment. Can you help?
    Of course. We can help you at any stage of working on your assignment. We encourage you to come in early and often.
  • My paper is due in an hour. Should I still come to the Help Centre for help with this assignment?
    We can help you best if you come in early in the development of your assignment. We can also help you learn from assignments that have already been submitted. The skills we work on with you are transferable.
  • I don’t need help with an assignment, but I’d like to improve my writing. Can I see a tutor?
    Yes! We encourage you to come to the various Help Centres to work on any English skills you need (for example, using verb tenses or generating ideas on a topic). We can give you helpful suggestions and specific exercises.
  • Are there books I can use to help improve my English?
    We have a good selection of books. Many can be borrowed for two weeks (look for the pink stickers) while others are for use in the Help Centre. We also have a selection of handouts on various topics; please help yourself to these. If you don’t see what you need, please ask!
  • Can I get help with pronunciation?
    Yes, all tutors can help you with pronunciation.
  • Can you help me with my reading skills?
    Yes. The English Language Development and Academic Upgrading tutors can help with reading skills. We also have a selection of levelled readers, many with audio. There are books and other resources to help you work on specific reading skills, including reading speed.

Math Help Centre FAQ


  • Which Math Help Centre should I go to and what are the differences?
    Camosun currently has five math help centres, designed to collectively support you in all MATH and STATS courses, as well as trades and nursing programs. Each is dedicated to your specific course level.
    • Trades and Apprenticeship program
      - Trades Math Help Centre - Interurban, Jack White Building, Room 123
    • Foundations MATH course (one that starts with 02, 03, or 05)
      - Academic Upgrading Help Centre – Interurban, CBA Building, Room 109 or
      Access Math Help Centre – Lansdowne, Ewing Building, Room 342
    • College Prep MATH course (072, 073, 135, 137, 107, or 115) -
      - Access Math Help Centre – Lansdowne, Ewing Building, Room 342
      - Math Lab – Lansdowne, Ewing Building, Room 224
      - Math Lab – Interurban, Technologies Building, Room 142
    • University Transfer MATH or STAT course (any not mentioned above, including math for elementary education, computing, and engineering)
      - Math Lab – Lansdowne, Ewing Building, Room 224
      - Math Lab – Interurban, Technologies Building, Room 142
  • What are the hours for the Math-Help Centres?
    Hours can vary between semesters and around exam time. Schedules are posted online and on the doors of individual help centres.
  • Can I make an appointment for a Math Help Centre?
    All of the math labs and math help centres are drop-in only and operate on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Can I get help with other subjects other than MATH and STATS?
    The help centres and labs are primarily intended for you if you are currently enrolled in MATH or STAT courses at Camosun or completing the math components of trades or nursing programs, though we can sometimes help with math questions related to other Camosun courses. We also have help centres specific to English, writing, and science.
  • Can I use a computer?
    The Lansdowne Math Lab (E 224), Access Math Help Centre (E 342) and Academic Upgrading Help Centre (CBA 109) have some computers available for the students they serve. Maple software is available on computers in E 224, as well as in the general purpose computer labs. Additional student computers can be found here.

Science Help Centre - Biology, Chemistry and Physics FAQ


  • Will the Science Help Centre be open again in the fall?
    We expect our help centres for Biology, Chemistry and Physics to be open mid-September. Please check back for times and locations.
  • Do I need an appointment for a Science Help Centre?
    No, the Help Centre operates on a drop-in, first-come-first-served basis. If someone is ahead of you, then you can return at another time, or you can pay attention to what the IA is teaching other learners: you could benefit from their questions.
  • Why would I go to the Science Help Centre; what will I learn?
    Science courses introduce learners to a lot of new vocabulary and unfamiliar concepts. You may find the topics go by too quickly in class to grasp. We can review with you background material from previous science courses to make it easier for you to grasp new content in your current courses. The IA can help you think through problems so you can generate your own answers. They can help you discover strategies for effective note taking, test taking strategies and exam preparation. Sometimes you may just like to talk to another person who can give you a different approach. We are here to help you with anything related to your science learning!
  • Can you proofread my written assignments, mark or give me answers to lab work?
    Our goal is to help you understand the science concepts that are required to generate the ideas needed to complete your lab and written work. Nobody on campus will proofread your written work, but the English Help Centre can help you develop the foundational writing skills needed to express your thoughts effectively. We will not give you the answers for your assignment questions, mark or otherwise assess your assignments before you hand them in. However, we can review with you your instructor-graded work to help you understand where you went wrong, so you can learn and perform better at a later time.
  • I’m having trouble getting started with a written assignment. Can you help?
    Of course. It is possible you’re having difficulty because your grasp of the foundational concepts is not yet solid. We can help you with those concepts and you can come as often as you wish until you are fluent in those foundations.
  • My assignment is due in an hour. Can I still come in for some help?
    Yes, we will do our best with the time you have but there could be someone in front of you. Always give yourself and us a comfortable amount of time to allow you to learn effectively. Biologically, it takes time for our brains to process what we learn, so it will be best if you look over the assignment requirements very soon after it is given out. Then visit the Science Help Centre as soon as possible to maximize the learning benefit.

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