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Co-operative Education and Career Services

Co-op Programs

Camosun College is an important local partner in co-operative education. We are committed to the co-op concept as a valuable educational method that meets the needs of students and the community. Our quality programs are based on our dedication to provide educational excellence.

Programs with co-op, internship, or other integrated work experience:

Arts and Science

Program Credential Co-op Internship
Applied Chemistry & Biotechnology Diploma
Arts & Science Studies Diploma
Biology Associate Degree
Criminal Justice Diploma  
Digital Communication Certificate  
Digital Production, Writing and Design  Certificate  
Economics Associate Degree
English Associate Degree
Environmental Technology Diploma
General Arts Associate Degree
General Science Associate Degree
Pre-Social Work Associate Degree
Psychology Associate Degree
University Transfer n/a


Program Credential Co-op Internship
Accounting Diploma
Accounting BBA
Accounting Post-Degree Diploma  
Applied Tourism and Hospitality Management (integrated work experience) Post-Degree Diploma  
Finance Diploma
General Management Diploma
Hospitality Management Diploma  
Human Resource Management & Leadership BBA
Managing for Government Diploma  
Marketing Diploma
Marketing BBA
Marketing Post-Degree Diploma  
Office Administration Certificate  
Office Management Diploma  
Public Administration Diploma
University Transfer n/a

Sport & Exercise

Program Credential Co-op Internship
Exercise and Wellness Diploma
Sport Management Diploma


Program Credential Co-op Internship
Civil Engineering Bridge Advanced Diploma  
Civil Engineering Technology Diploma
Computer Network Electronics Support Technician Certificate  
Computer Network Electronics Technician Advanced Certificate
Electrical & Computer Engineering Bridge Advanced Diploma  
Electronics & Computer Engineering Technology—Renewable Energy Diploma
Engineering Graphics Technician Certificate  
Information and Computer Systems Technician Certificate  
Information and Computer Systems Technologist Diploma
Mechanical Engineering Bridge Advanced Diploma  
Information and Computer Systems Technologist Diploma
Mechanical Engineering Technology Diploma
Mining Engineering Bridge Advanced Diploma  

1Pending Ministry approval

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