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Assessment tests offered by Camosun

English, math and specialized assessments help place you in the right course level to match your skills.

After you apply to Camosun, you will be asked to demonstrate that you meet the admission requirements for your chosen program. There are two ways to show that you meet the specified level: by submitting a transcript or by taking an assessment. A few reasons you may choose to write an assessment:

  • You have no high school transcript
  • Your transcript doesn't include an English or math course higher than Grade 9
  • Your English or math course grade is below what is required for program admission

We strongly recommend that you complete an assessment if your skills are rusty or your prerequisites are several years old. The assessment will help to determine if your current skills are sufficient, or whether taking a refresher course first would give you a better chance of success.

English Test Details

The general English assessment is a computer test with two multiple-choice and one written section. You have up to three hours to complete the assessment at the Lansdowne Assessment Centre. For information on out-of-town or Centre for Accessible Learning assessments, please contact us.

English Placement Tests for Specific Programs

Sample tests

Math Test Details

This computer test is made up of content ranging from basic arithmetic to higher level algebra, trigonometry and calculus depending on your math background. Calculators are not allowed. Total time for the assessment is one to three hours.

Computer tests are currently only available at the Lansdowne Assessment Centre. For information on out-of-town or Centre for Accessible Learning assessments, please contact us.

Mathematics Placement Test

  • This test is used for the Electrical Foundations Program

Sample tests

  • Accuplacer
    • Arithmetic
    • Elementary Algebra
    • College Level math

Program-specific Math Assessments

  • Trades Math Test - To meet admission requirements for all Camosun Trades Foundation programs, with the exception of Electrical Trades Foundation and Fine Furniture/Joinery Trades Foundation. Content includes arithmetic and basic algebra. The test is timed. Calculators are not allowed.

Sample tests

The total time for the test (including directions) is one to 1.5 hours. Actual test time allotted is 60 minutes for 50 questions, except Culinary Arts which is 50 minutes for 40 questions.

Fine Furniture/Joinery Trades Foundation Readiness Test

  • To meet admission requirements for Fine Furniture/Joinery Trades Foundation. All program applicants must take the six-element Fine Furniture Readiness Test. The first two sections, Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary, relate directly to course content. This test also includes questions on math and measurement.

Sample tests

This is a computer test and you have three hours in which to complete the six sections, including a short essay.

English as a Second Language Placement Test

Are you an International Student?

Please contact Camosun International to arrange an assessment.

All English language testing is completed at the Interurban campus through the English Language Development Program. If English is not your first language and you wish to book an English Language (ESL) assessment, please contact ELD.


Do you want to take upgrading courses and don’t have English 10 or Math 10 (or higher)? You can book an Access assessment which is held at the Interurban campus and consists of a one-on-one interview and/or testing with an instructor.

Please contact Jill Auchinachie at 250-370-4481 or email to book an Access assessment.

Do you have a documented disability? If you have a documented disability that requires you to test under specific conditions, make an appointment with a Centre for Accessible Learning staff member so that testing accommodations and support can be arranged for you.

External Testing Services

The Assessment Centre provides invigilation (also called proctoring or test supervision) services for entrance exams to other institutions, mid-term and final exams for distance education courses, and other tests that may require an independent invigilator.

We host a variety of external exams. Please visit the test-specific sites if you require registration information for the following exams:

For all other external exam requests, please submit an appointment form for invigilation. We will contact you to let you know if and when we can accommodate your booking request.

Writing Help

Need some help polishing your academic writing skills? Check out Camosun's support services and online resources.

Free Study App

Get access to the Accuplacer study app or learn more about it PDF.

Note that the app does not cover testing for Fundamental Levels - please use the Sample Tests linked below each test description.

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