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Discovering your skills

Assessment and Testing Centre

Discovering your skills

Helping you find the right place to start

Are you missing the English or math you need for admission into a program or course? Maybe you've been out of school for a while and you're not sure how much you remember. We're here to help. The Assessment Centre offers various tests to determine your current level of skill in a subject. You can't fail – whatever your result, we can match you with the right Camosun course to get you started on your academic path.

Why take an assessment?

Finding out that you need to take a test before starting your education at Camosun might be intimidating. However, an assessment is the best kind of test, because you can't fail.

English, math and specialized assessments allow our team to place you in the right course level to match your skills, no matter what those skills are. Your next step might be direct entry into a program or academic upgrading, or you may be using the assessment to show the skills and experience you've already gained in a non-educational setting.

An assessment will give you the confidence that you're starting with the right course level and give you the best chance at academic success.

Other services

The Assessment Centre also offers external testing services such as supervised entrance exams for other institutions, exams for distance education and other external tests such as the GMAT or LSAT.

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