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Centre for Accessible Learning

Getting Started

If you need an accommodation, it is important to see us as soon as possible. The process of registering can take some time. Attend an information session, then provide documentation and set up a meeting to arrange your accommodations and supports.

Step 1 - Information Session

If you're new to Camosun we recommend that you attend an information session at the Centre for Accessible Learning.

The information session will provide an overview of our services, college resources, funding options, campus orientation and eligibility information. You will receive a form called Appendix 8 - Request for Permanent Disability Programs, which may be required to document your disability.

We recommend attending an information session at least four months prior to your academic program start.

Upcoming dates

  • Future sessions TBA

To register for an information session and receive further details, please contact us.


If you have documented needs that require accommodation in the classroom, the Centre for Accessible Learning offers services to help. This includes support for the following conditions:

  • Learning disabilities
  • Mental health disabilities, such as
    • anxiety
    • depression
    • bipolar
    • schizophrenia
  • Neurological disabilities, including
    • head injury
    • ADD/ADHD
    • CP
  • Chronic health and physical disabilities
  • Visual disabilities
  • Deaf or hard of hearing

Step 2 - Register/Intake

Following the information session, you will schedule an intake appointment on the campus where you will be attending classes. Intake appointments are arranged by calling, emailing, or coming in person to the centre at either campus.

At the intake appointment you will discuss eligible services and educational accommodations for placement tests, courses and exams to support you in your coursework. Part-time study options, funding options and any other educational issues and concerns will also be discussed.

Service, equipment and funding requests require time to implement. You may require a visual language interpreter, captionist, textbooks in alternate format, tutor, note taker, academic strategist, specialized funding, technology and equipment. We recommend you contact us four months prior to the start of the semester. The sooner we connect, the smoother your transition to Camosun will be.

After your intake appointment, staff and faculty at the Centre for Accessible Learning can assist you with a wide range of services and ongoing support.

Required Documentation

Documentation must be provided by a professional qualified to diagnose in the area of the disability. Your documentation must be recent (completed within the past 3-5 years). If you do not have current diagnostic information we can help you explore other avenues to obtain documentation.

Academic Accommodations

Under BC and Canadian legislation, you have the right to have your needs met during your time at Camosun. We will help arrange classroom and exam accommodations that will support you during your program and courses.

Classroom accommodations

May include the following:

  • note-taker/digital recorder
  • adaptive work station
  • visual language interpreter/captionist
  • adaptive software:
  • educational attendant
  • laptop computer
  • calculator
  • FM system
  • CCTV

Exam accommodations

May include the following:

  • extra time
  • separate setting (shared or separate space)
  • breaks
  • adaptive software
  • room with an opening window
  • digitally recorded/reader
  • scribe
  • adaptive equipment (CCTV or workstation)
  • computer
  • white noise
  • calculator
  • large print

Hear from our students

Watch student testimonial videos.

"Come early to get to know the staff and also to know what's available in terms of financial aid opportunities, student loans, extra time, assistance."

Nakita, Camosun student

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