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Academic Advising

Planning to Attend UVic for Linguistics (Science)?

If you're planning to attend the University of Victoria, we recommend that you meet a Camosun Academic Advisor to help you create a customized academic plan. To give you an idea of what first year could look like, we have listed some suggested courses below.

First year courses

  Course Course Name Notes
All of PSYC 110 Experimental Psychology  
One of ENGL 151 Academic Writing Strategies  
ENGL 161 Literary Genres  
ENGL 163 Introduction to Literary Traditions  
ENGL 164 Indigenous Literature  
One of MATH 100 Calculus 1  
MATH 108 Applied Calculus  
MATH 109 Finite Mathematics  
One of PSYC 120 Personal Growth & Development  
PSYC 130 Contemporary Issues  
PSYC 164 Behaviour Management  
One of BIOL 102 Non-Majors Biology (Diversity)  
BIOL 124 Evolution and Diversity  
One of BIOL 103 Non-Majors General Biology  
BIOL 126 Physiological Basis of Life  
BIOL 143 Anatomy for Sport Education  
BIOL 150 Human Anatomy  
One pair of PHYS 104 General College Physics 1 and PHYS 105 General College Physics 2
PHYS 140 Physics for Scientists and Engineers 1 and PHYS 141 Physics for Scientists and Engineers 2

Wonder if you can take more courses? 

Contact an Academic Advisor to learn how to build an academic plan.

Details available online

For more information, please see the May 2018 edition of the UVic undergraduate calendar for the Faculty of Humanities. PDF

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