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Transferring to UVic - History Major

Here's what to take in your first year at Camosun if you're planning to transfer to UVic.

Update: This outline has been compiled from the Faculty sections of UVic’s online 2017-2018 Undergraduate Academic Calendar (May 2017)

These are the courses UVic recommends for first year so that you stay on track with the overall requirements of the program. While we have followed UVic's program outline as closely as we can, sometimes we add suggestions and recommendations of our own to ensure a smooth transfer.

You may take a minimum of eight (see "What to take for first year") to a maximum of 20 Camosun courses to transfer to UVic for this major. If you would like to complete the maximum of 20 courses at Camosun in 2 calendar years, you must take a minimum of 10 courses per year.

What to take for first year

  Course Course Name Notes
One of ENGL 151 Academic Writing Strategies  
ENGL 161 Literary Genres  
ENGL 163 Introduction to Literary Traditions  
ENGL 164 Indigenous Literature  
Two of HIST 106 Age of Crisis: World History 1900-1945  
HIST 108 New World Order? World History Since 1945  
HIST 110 Inventing Canada: History of Canada Before Confederation  
HIST 112 Oh Canada: Canada after 1867   
HIST 120 European History: From Renaissance to Revolution  
HIST 122 European History: Revolution to Present  
HIST 230 City on a Hill: US History to 1865  
HIST 232 USA: God Bless America: US history after 1865  
Two of HIST Additional History courses May include courses from History list above. Minimum GPA requirement for the combined History courses (all four) is a C
Three of Electives An elective is any course that transfers to UVic. Use the BC Transfer Guide to confirm course transferability.


Contact a Camosun Academic Advisor.

For specific questions about UVic’s admission policies, deadlines and GPA requirements, contact the UVic Welcome Centre.

Year 2 and beyond

After the first year, your transfer options become much more individual.

To plan your second year at Camosun, complete one of UVic's program planning worksheets.

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