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If you're thinking about starting or have already begun your college education, we can help you understand post-secondary culture and terminology. We can look at Camosun programs with you to navigate the related course descriptions and prerequisites.

The Academic Advising process

If you have questions about programs at Camosun or how to get the most out of your post-secondary experience, you can contact an Academic Advisor to set up a meeting. Generally, the process will follow these steps:

  1. Contact the Academic Advising department.
  2. Generally, the department will respond within two to three business days. During peak times around registration periods, it may take longer as demand is high.
  3. In your initial contact with an advisor you will set up a time to meet, either in person or by phone.
  4. Prior to your meeting, please prepare for your appointment using our guide below to make the most out of your time.
  5. Your appointment will generally take about a half hour. During the meeting, we will discuss your educational goals and your knowledge of the post-secondary system. The advisor will help you figure out your next steps.
  6. Your advisor will often recommend that you complete additional exploration, including worksheets, research, or a referral to another resource. You'll want to complete this work before your next appointment.
  7. If needed, you may set up additional times to meet with the advisor. We're here to help throughout your time at Camosun.

Preparing to meet with an Academic Advisor

Academic Advisors have extensive knowledge to draw from. Coming prepared to your meeting will help you get your questions answered in the most effective way. Your first appointment can establish the foundation for an ongoing relationship with your advisor as you move through your studies at Camosun and beyond. Please spend a few minutes considering the following questions prior to your appointment. While your questions may be task-focused (i.e. how to register for courses or how to apply to a program), the overall context of your goals is considered crucial information that will help you make educated choices.

What brings you here?

The first questions your advisor will ask are often broad. What brings you here? What are your educational goals? What are you looking for from your appointment with the advisor?

What do you know already about post-secondary?

Have you ever applied to a post-secondary institution? How familiar are you with the unique terminology used by colleges and universities? Do you have a sense of the programs or schools you're interested in?

What is your educational background or experience?

You'll be asked to tell us about your high school academics, including which courses you have taken and what grades you finished with. Have you done any post-secondary education, upgrading or technical training already?

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