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January 6, 2020 - 10:38 am
Camosun Staff

In Fall 2019, School of Business Instructor Marina Jaffey decided to explore new ways to connect and engage her learners with her course material in her Marketing 435 – Sales Management class through the use of interactive real-life scenarios. Sales Management is an applied course that provides students with an opportunity to learn four important competencies:  1) leading and coaching, 2) managing diversity and conflict, 3) strategic planning, and 4) leveraging sales force technology.  Gaining hands-on experience in these four areas is critical for this class of future managers.

With this in mind, Marina decided to partner with Jen Stein and Meghan Campbell from eLearning to envision how her students could take on the leading role in designing and developing real-life scenarios related to providing effective feedback in coaching situations. Ultimately, these scenarios would enable the learners to make key decisions within a safe educational environment and follow-through with the potential consequences.

Students were provided with a template to guide them through the design process.  In the end, a scenario was selected and the winning team was invited to work with Jen and Meghan to further develop their scenario designs into an actual application using a product called StoryLine, part of the Articulate 360 software suite. 

The students were able to participate in a collaborative development process, which included providing feedback on design iterations, collaborating with their team members and contributing to the final product. Within a week, students were able to see their plans transformed into a finished product. The students were then able to present and work through their scenario with their entire class - provoking a fun and lively debate while also highlighting key lessons learned.

Marina reported that the students loved the hands-on learning experience the scenarios provided.  As one student said, “I really found the in-class exercises to train and coach us on what to do solidified our understanding and helped us go back and do required work based on what was asked. Most times I feel confused when asked to do an assignment because there is very little help provided beforehand. Our learning activity was a fun way to work together and learn about what was going on.”

Marina also stated how invigorating and inspiring is was to be part of the creative process of developing more interactive learning options for students. The ability to discuss, review and test the scenario application throughout the various stages of development cultivated a supportive relationship between team members that was built on trust, collaboration and communication and ultimately created a better end product as a result. Putting students in the driver’s seat as creators enabled a wealth of ideas to emerge and added “fun” back into the learning experience.

To check out the finished product, go to:

Meghan and Jen will be facilitating a series of Articulate 360 workshops in May and June for instructors who are interested in exploring ways to increase interactivity, learner engagement and satisfaction within online learning environments. Stay tuned for the SD Spring workshop schedule to be released early in the New Year.

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