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Release date: September 22, 2020

When Camosun College told Nexus that it didn’t want the independent student newspaper to have physical copies of its newspaper on campus this semester due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was a shock because it’s the first time since the paper started in 1990 where it hasn’t printed for a semester.

However, aside from the fact that the Nexus team will now be focusing on getting news to Camosun students entirely through, not much has changed.

As well as covering news, campus issues, and the local arts and entertainment scene, Nexus also features comics from Camosun students, such as the popular, ongoing Penguin & Peacock, and regular columns about issues ranging from addiction to philosophy to finances, all with a student angle.

“Student media is incredibly important because it not only gives students a chance to work with a professional editorial team who take journalistic ethics very seriously, but it gives them a chance to shape what’s in the news,” says Nexus Managing Editor Greg Pratt. “If there are concerns students have about something happening on campus, they can come to us and there’s a good chance we’ll write about it. Readers know they can count on us for quality, non-biased reporting and for hard-hitting opinion pieces, as well as a fantastic arts section and great long-form investigative features. These Camosun students have been shaping the paper for decades now and will continue to, regardless of the format we use to get the message out there.”

Nexus Student Editor Adam Marsh began volunteering at the paper back in 2015; not long after, he was hired. Marsh says he hasn't looked back since.

“Honestly, Nexus came at a time in my life when I really needed it. Five years later, I still love going to work in the morning. I love it. And not everyone can say that. Because of my job, I learned at least as much about how to write concisely as I did from the college itself, and not just writing, but communication and professionalism on the whole. My college grades went up, on papers and such, within about a year of starting here.”

Pratt stresses that Nexus always needs more volunteer writers, and says that anyone attending Camosun can do it—no experience necessary.

“I hear so often from former students how much their time at Nexus shaped their time at Camosun and how important it was to them,” says Pratt.

Nexus, which operates independently of Camosun College, has won numerous national and North American awards for its reporting, as well as for its website, which it completely revamped last year.

Interested in writing for Nexus? Email today.

Nexus Student Editor Adam Marsh in the Nexus office at Camosun’s Lansdowne campus.
Nexus Student Editor Adam Marsh in the Nexus office at Camosun’s Lansdowne campus.


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