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Release date: August 17, 2020

Camosun College's Information and Computer Systems Technology students are preparing to showcase their exciting projects to the public. Throughout the past two years, these students have acquired the skills needed to create impressive and sophisticated projects. For the health and safety of our students, sponsors and the public, this year's Capstone Symposium will be entirely online.

Capstone teams will be available to talk in chat rooms throughout the event. Each team will be available for a cumulative time of 2 hours, each team's available times are viewable on the website, no pre-registration is required, simply click on the link and view the projects.

Capstone Symposium Project Descriptions

Team A (Team Checkfront)
New Customer Data Importation (NCDI) system to validate, transform, and integrate customer booking data into Checkfront’s system automatically.

Team B (Team Zero)
A web application for Camosun Innovates that will allow users to access and categorize videos from a private Vimeo playlist.

Team C (Team QDN)
A hotel booking platform that connects independent resorts to customers that entirely under the control of IndyKey.

Team D (Team D)
A de-noising protocol, building off the CNN project, using Generative Adversarial Networks.

Team E (Team MAKO)
A system allows users like gym trainees to sign up for their accounts, view and register for plans and classes, and pay for them online.

Team F (Team MET)
A DML playground website about a new mark-up language for users to experiment with the code in an editor.

Team G (Team Gringotts Goblins)
Working with PathNOTES to help building an interactive and online math learning tool.

Team H (Team Awesominds)
Web-based learning application with user interaction games for instructors and students in Camosun College.

Team I (Team Blue)
A Modern Application Playbook that guides government workers through the process of ideation, development, and ongoing support of a digital product.

Team K (Team 10/10)
A platform that will transform cities into sustainable cities and empower every citizen to engage in a conversation of change in their community.

Team L (Team BriefKeepers)
A website to help people who have suffered from pregnancy loss and give them the ability to connect with spiritual healers.

Team M (Team Three Trees)
A system that allows management and scheduling of courses and workshops

Team N (Team Origin Development)
Create a new database for IP Society with more features to be user friendly and intuitive.

Team O (Team TeemO)
A reservation booking system for Camosun Classroom Restaurant.

Team P (Team FourTrees)
An extensible and reusable open source framework that converts scanned geo-referenced TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) files of hand-drawn, historical forest-cover maps into vectorized spatial data.


Saryta Schaerer
Program Chair, Computer Science
Camosun College

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