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Media Release
Release Date: June 4, 2019

International partnerships and exchanges are at the heart of an applied, holistic education, says Camosun Hospitality Management Program Leader Stephen Scott, who recently returned from a short stint teaching at a partner institution in New Zealand. “It’s great to have that experience and reminder of the world outside of where you live,” he says. “It’s good for the soul.”

Scott recently travelled to New Zealand for a month to lecture on the topics of small businesses in Canada and blue ocean strategic thinking to students studying tourism and commerce at the Wellington Institute of Technology (WelTech).

The opportunity came about due to relationship building by Hospitality Chair Carl Everitt and by the success of a previous faculty exchange in the marketing department. “After an initial visit by Carl, we began moderating assessments for them. Essentially we served as external third party reviewers to assess the accuracy of the grading of their assessments,” he says. “After helping with several of these, Carl asked me ‘how would you feel about going over there and lecturing?’ and of course I said yes.”

In the classroom, Scott enjoyed exploring and discussing cultural differences, opening up new avenues for learning. “In Canada it’s all about hockey, but in New Zealand it’s all about rugby,” he says. “While teaching, I found that when using case studies of businesses, and the differences between corporations, entrepreneurship and sole proprietorship I needed to talk about businesses that were relevant to the local context, so I learned a lot as well.”

WelTech, like Camosun, is a strong proponent of applied learning. “They invited me to be a customer at their showcase training restaurant – the equivalent to our Dunlop House,” he said. “It was great to experience it from that perspective and to see how the students were learning by doing, just the way we do at Camosun.”

“In many ways I felt right at home,” he says, noting geographical similarities between Vancouver Island and the North Island of New Zealand where he was based. “Both being located and surrounded by water creates a low blood pressure environment.”

Noting that both Canada and New Zealand are working to highlight their respective indigenous cultures, Scott believes that we can share experiences and build upon mutual success. “I find that the indigenization work is so important and I think that we do a good job of it here at the college and I found a lot of similarities in New Zealand with the Maori,” he says. “Maori language and culture gets incorporated in so many aspects of the educational and day to day experience in New Zealand and I think the work they’ve done on that is just fantastic.”

Scott believes that the growing partnership between Camosun and WelTech provides excellent opportunities for the future. “The appetite is definitely there from both sides,” he says. “Looking ahead, I think it will be great to see both students and faculty going back and forth because there are a lot of commonalities between our institutions and a lot of great opportunities for mutual, collaborative learning.”

For faculty considering an international teaching opportunity or exchange, Scott has simple words of encouragement. “I’d just say go for it,” he says enthusiastically. “The team at WelTech were such gracious hosts and I think that any institution who receives you, wants you to be successful, so you’ll find the support you need and will be welcomed with open arms.”


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Stepehn Scott
Stephen Scott
Program Leader, Hospitality, Tourism, & Golf Management

Stepehn Scott
Te Puia, NZ (Photo by Tracey Scott)

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