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We set a big goal: Raise $25,000 by December 3rd to help erase barriers so our students can afford to learn – and we can’t achieve it without you.

What is GivingTuesday?

Could you imagine going to class not knowing where you will sleep that night? Or having to make the choice between work boots or groceries? What if all you needed was $30 for gas to flee domestic violence? Many students drop out of school every year due to financial hardship. They are faced with costs of living that force them to make the choice of school or work. We want to change that, and help students get to the finish line, one hurdle at a time.

Each year on #GivingTuesday, non-profit organizations rally their supporters for a day of maximum impact. Following the retail events of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday, #GivingTuesday provides an opportunity for people around the world to support what matters most to them and share that support on their social media networks. At Camosun, we like to put our own spin on the worldwide movement, and celebrate for an entire week. Please consider joining the charge to reach our transformative goal from November 26 to December 3.

Busy that week? You can make a gift now to be processed on December 3 by following this link and click on Pledge A Gift.

When you support Camosun students you support our community

Support Student Dreams: Through scholarship support, we can make higher education possible for students who would not otherwise be able to afford college.

Ensure a Living-Wage Job for All British Columbian's: Together we can support the development and training of students who go on to earn family-wage jobs as part of B.C.’s skilled workforce.

Help Students Focus on Their Goals: By addressing barriers to education, can serve our students’ most urgent needs so they can focus on their studies.

The Impact of your Gift

An example of what your gift would mean to one of our students:

  • $5/month ($60 annually) funds an emergency grant to a student who needs to pay a utility bill
  • $15/month ($180 annually) supplies a student with hygiene items for the year
  • $23/month ($276 annually) provides a student with groceries for a month
  • $30/month ($360 annually) provides counselling for a student experiencing a mental health challenge
  • $50/month ($600 annually) provides a student with a text book grant
  • $72/month ($864 annually) provides a student with shelter and utilities for one month
  • $85/month ($1,020 annually) funds an award or bursary for a student
  • $100/month ($1,200 annually) provides child care so a parent can attend classes for a month
  • $250/month ($3,000 annually) covers the costs of tools for an automotive student

Making a monthly gift by credit card or through payroll deduction if you’re a Camosun employee is convenient and helps sustain funding to our students throughout the year!

Sharon* became homeless as her part-time job was not enough to cover the costs of rent, car insurance and food. In desperation, she had to camp in local parks, moving every few weeks. Sharon saw education as a way out. With a passion for cooking she enrolled at Camosun in classes that would help her continue her studies in Culinary Arts. Thanks to generous donors, Camosun was able to support Sharon with emergency funds and food cards to help her get back on track. She’s now found a place she can afford, has a part-time job in the kitchen and goes to class regularly. Her instructors and peers sing her praises as someone who goes above and beyond what is required to succeed and she’s always willing to learn and lend a hand. She’s excelling in class and with the support from Camosun donors she’s following the right path to achieve her potential in life.

– *Student’s name has been changed to protect privacy

"I remember my own struggle when I was younger with my two kids as a single mum. I was sleeping on the floor, all my furniture was in storage and it was going to be let go. An anonymous donor heard about my story and they paid for the storage so that I could get my furniture back. For me that was life changing. I got to sleep on my own bed again and so did my kids. It was the difference between success or failure and after that I excelled in my studies and got a job in my field and just went forward from there. This is the message I tell our students -- there are people who believe in you rooting for your success. Don’t give up because we are working to get the help you need for you to succeed."

– Lana Pagaduan, Indigenous Recruiter and On Campus Support, Camosun College in Partnership with Songhees Nation.

Danny* is a husband and father to three kids. He is passionate about cooking and his instructors note that he has talent in the kitchen. Going back to school was a hardship financially for his family and many times he thought about leaving because he just couldn’t stretch his budget far enough. But he’s not a quitter. Donors stepped in to help him and his family so they could afford basic necessities like food and rent. He wants to be a good role model to his kids by showing that once you start something and make a commitment, then you should follow through and finish it. Staying in class will enhance his skills and make him more marketable in the workplace. Thanks to generous donors, he’s on his way to a career in his field.

– *Student’s name has been changed to protect privacy

"The Camosun College Student Society supports matching funds for the college’s new Erasing Barriers to Education Fund because we all understand that many students face barriers in achieving their post secondary goals. All of us have known students who have experienced drastic changes in their circumstances who have almost had to leave school. The ability for the college to support students to get through temporary financial challenges will go a long way to enhancing student success and will help students stay in class while they complete their well-earned credentials."

–Fillette Umulisa, External Executive, Camosun College Student Society

"My role at Camosun is focused on ensuring every student has the opportunity to succeed. Sometimes, a student faces hardships that require short-term support in order to continue their studies. Within Student Affairs, we work with students on an individual basis to put a plan in place that meets their needs. I fully support the erasing barriers to education fund so that students can focus their energies on their studies instead of worrying about meeting basic needs."

– Evan Hilchey, Director Student Affairs

This year, we’re aiming to raise $25,000 to erase barriers to education for all. Please donate today so that every student can afford to learn – we can’t achieve this without you.

For more information or to get involved with GivingTuesday:

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Click here for more information on how you can support students and erase barriers to education by becoming a monthly donor or Camosun payroll donor.

About the Erasing Barriers to Education Fund

The new Erasing Barriers to Education Fund is open to any student at Camosun facing difficult situations. It is designed to help students succeed in their studies when they are facing financial or other hardships that impact their ability to continue their education.

At Camosun, we seek to remove barriers to student success by locating, partnering, coordinating, and helping students access comprehensive “wraparound” supports. We believe that when the academic, physical, financial, mental, social and emotional development of students are met, their path to success is paved.

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