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Release date: Dec. 9, 2019

Camosun College invites the community to attend a technology showcase on Thursday, Dec. 12 that displays innovative new projects designed and developed by graduating Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology students.

The Capstone Symposium includes the first consumer-grade LiDAR that uses light to map a room; an Automated Pest Deterrence system that uses artificial intelligence; a high-quality, polyphonic audio compact synthesizer powered by a combination of a microcontroller; and, a field-programmable gate array. [view the full list of projects]

Camosun’s Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology program offers leading-edge education and training in hardware and software design. Students develop the skills necessary to analyse problems and develop solutions, using a combination of both hardware and software. Graduates of this program can choose to work with some leading-edge local companies whose products are sought after worldwide, or chose to enter the engineering bridge program at Camosun College that transfers to the University of Victoria.


Thursday, Dec. 12, 2019 • 10am-2pm
Centre for Trades Education and Innovation, Farmer Family Student Commons
Camosun College, Interurban campus, 4461 Interurban Road
Parking: Attendees are advised to use parking lots P2, P3 or P9

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Camosun College students showcase their tech talent
Graduating students in Camosun's Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology program will showcase their final projects at the year-end Capstone Symposium on December 12.

Some of the projects that will be on display:

Calron360- The first consumer-grade LiDAR that will map a room and recreate it in a virtual environment that can be viewed from anywhere in the world. Our LiDAR will enable you to see any physical space in VR at a price that is many times more affordable than current mapping technology.

Ouroboros is a compact synthesizer that combines digital sound synthesis with analog audio filtering. A powerful combination of a microcontroller and a field-programmable gate array (FPGA) work together to produce high quality polyphonic audio. Customize your own personal sound using the touch screen and on-board controls. Ouroboros provides the compact size and variable options of a digital synthesizer while still providing the sound quality of analog filtering.

Project Æsir, sponsored by RioT Technology, is a solution to remote data collection that employs Bluetooth 5 to remove wires from remote sensing installations. Project Æsir is composed of three components: a sensor interface that wirelessly transmits sensor data, a Local Listener that receives data from a network of sensor interfaces and stores it, and an Android app that allows users to configure the network.

Iluminado is a smart, IoT-capable lamp that is fully inspired by smart home systems and devices. It features smart lights, a camera with motion detection, a Google Assistant, an alarm clock, a touch screen display, and a Bluetooth speaker. Also, a dedicated Android app controls the overall unit. Iluminado is multi-functional, compact, cheap, and the perfect technology for a bedside table.

The BLOoM Amplifier is a high-powered, multi-input amplifier. Our device allows a user to play an instrument overtop of music from a phone, without compromising sound quality, and amplify it to 200W! The amplifier uses an aesthetically pleasing, Arduino-powered LCD touch screen that displays audio waveform and distortion, making this device appealing to the amp’s more technical users.

SARNet (Search and Rescue Network) is designed to aid and hasten Search and Rescue personnel in finding lost and/or distressed individuals. In order to achieve its goal, SARNet is comprised of three main components: the Colony, the Cricket and the Bats. Using LoRa technology in a unique application, the colony keeps track of its corresponding Cricket devices, the Cricket calls out to the Bats for help when its user is in distress, and the Bat further pinpoints the Cricket’s (and thus its user’s) location. Whether someone is lost or injured, SARNet aims to have them rescued as quickly as possible.

Buck Be Gone is an Automated Pest Deterrence (APD) system. It uses a combination of Motion Detection, Artificial Intelligence, and Bluetooth technology to detect, identify, and deter animal intrusion.

OnTrak is a battery monitoring system designed to monitor the charge of most lithium-based batteries. We designed the system to reside in a model aircraft so that it can provide vital battery life information to the aircraft’s flight operator or the ground tracking station. We’d like to thank the University of Victoria Centre for Aerospace Research for its sponsorship and support. 

Hero Reborn is a reboot of the original Healthkit Hero1 robot. Our adaptations include updating the the onboard computer to a Raspberry Pi 4, which controls seven stepper motors, one DC motor, and two ultra-sonic sensors. Hero Reborn has three different modes: Free roaming mode, demo mode, and control mode.

Team Seal Stop is proud to present Blue² a modern digital take on Russell Electronics’ fish attraction device with an added seal deterrence feature. Blue² allows the user to choose what type of fish they are aiming to attract via GUI through low voltage impulses, and BLE connection to a waterproof speaker pre-programmed with orca wave files. Intended use for local fishers on Vancouver Island.

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