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Release date: August 23, 2019

Graduating mechanical engineering students at Camosun College showed off the latest in innovative technology as part of their final research projects.

“This capstone project showcase gives students an opportunity to demonstrate what they are able to do and for the public to see what they’re capable of doing after two to three years of study,” says Len Mar, one of seven mentoring instructors from Camosun College’s Mechanical Engineering Technology program. “It brings everything together in a trade show environment.”

Working in groups of four or five, 50 graduating students applied their technology skills and judgement to 12 different projects that were sponsored by industry, and focused on solving a real-world problem.

Groups spent up to 2,400 hours on each project, in addition to regular course work with students working 80 plus hours a week to develop solutions to challenges.

Projects run the gamut from those that enhance the performance of race cars and competitive wheelchair racing equipment to those that support ‘green’ manufacturing, pain reduction – and more. In addition to mechanical design, the students were responsible for the electrical and electronic controls, as well as any software applications deemed necessary by their industry client.

The introduction of multi-discipline external projects provided the opportunity to partner with different companies, departments within the school, and external venders.

One example is the Lancaster Project sponsored by the B.C. Aviation Museum in Sidney. Two groups of students worked on processes to expedite rebuilding a WW2 bomber to flying condition.

“We’ve been able to draw on the local expertise of Victoria Air Maintenance and Viking Air Ltd,” adds Mar, noting the former has knowledge of rebuilding a WW2 Mosquito fighter/bomber, while the latter is currently manufacturing the 400 Series Twin Otter. “We leaned extensively on the Camosun Innovation Technology Access Centre and their 3D scanning technology and specialized software to re-create damaged aircraft parts when the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre in England couldn’t provide original part drawings.”

When the students determined that new state-of-the-art software could potentially speed up the manufacturing of new replacement parts but wasn’t locally available, Forming Technologies of Ontario generously donated $25,000 of specialized software. The donation allowed students to conduct further studies and prove their ideas would work.

“We’re grateful for industry’s strong support for all the projects,” says Mar. “It helped students strongly test the skills, knowledge, and judgement they developed at Camosun and, in turn, show their success at this community event.”

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2019 Mechanical Engineering Technology Showcase

Friday, August 23, 2019
Centre for Trades, Education and Innovation (CTEI), 4461 Interurban Road

View photos of past showcase projects

(click to enlarge) Lancaster bomber being restored with help from Camosun's Mechanical Engineering Technology students
Students from Camosun's Mechanical Engineering Technology program worked on processes to expedite rebuilding a WW2 Lancaster bomber to flying condition.

2019 Projects

Hydrofoil surfboard foil design/optimization (industry sponsored)
Find out why the lyrics to the ‘60s Beach Boy songs “Wipeout” and “Surf City” might have been different if this technology had hit the waves 50 years earlier.
WW2 Lancaster bomber restoration – main engine/landing gear mount (industry sponsored)
Using the latest technology to restore a 75- year-old WW2 heavy bomber to airworthy condition.
Automated ice skate sharpening unit (industry sponsored)
For skaters who want to spend more time skating, less time waiting, you can now get your skates sharpened without having to remove them from your feet.
Gin grain drying and pelletizing unit (industry sponsored)
Like to consume gin but feel guilty about the waste product? This sustainable waste disposal system converts brewers’ spent grain into a combustible biomass pellet.
Renewable energy trailer demonstrator retro-fit (Camosun sponsored)
Walk-through the virtual prototype of the proposed renewable energy demonstrator.
FSAE race car – phase 2 (rolling chassis) (Camosun sponsored)
Race cars are cool. Race cars that can roll and run are even better. This carbon fibre race car has a newly designed running gear.
Competitive wheelchair wheel re-design (industry sponsored)
In competitive wheelchair racing the difference between winning and the agony of defeat can be measure in 10ths or 100ths of a second. A new wheelchair hub design may get Canada onto the winners’ podium at the next international competition.
Lancaster bomber restoration, fuselage components (industry sponsored)
Coming up with modern-day processes and practices to facilitate restoration of historical aircraft, with only limited original documentation and very few skilled labourers who know the aircraft.
Beeswax wrap production machine (industry sponsored)
There’s a better way to store leftovers than with plastic cling film – this is a new production method for a green alternative to food preservation
Car seat back support - phase 2 production Prototype (industry sponsored)
This product was designed to relieve back pain, correct spine misalignment, and improve the overall health of users, especially long-haul truckers and other transportation service providers.
Small farm biogas digester design (industry sponsored)
This safe, affordable design helps small scale farms produce energy from manure.
Suntracker© hydroponic growing tray (industry sponsored)
Don’t have a plot of land to grow your own food? This souped-up version of a hydroponic growing tray may help you become self-sufficient.

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