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Release Date: October 2, 2018

On Thursday October 18, 2018 at 10:20am,  Camosun will participate in the provincially coordinated ShakeOut earthquake exercise. Students, staff and faculty at both campuses will be alerted to Drop, Cover and Hold-On, evacuate buildings and go to a designated Emergency Assembly Point. 

Before the event, on Thursday October 18, check out PreparedBC to learn more on how you can be prepared in the event of an emergency.

Get ready to DROP, COVER and HOLD ON – Thursday, October 18 at 10:20am

What Do You Need to Know?

  • The ShakeOut Earthquake Exercise will last approximately 20 minutes

What Do You Need to Do?

  • When you hear the Start Signal at 10:20 a.m. — three (3) air-horn blasts, DROP, COVER and HOLD ON
  • If you are in a building and there is no cover (no tables, desks or chairs to hide under), get on the floor and curl up, protecting your head and neck with your arms
  • If you outside or in an open space, stop where you are, drop to the ground and curl up, protecting your head and neck with your arms
  • Remain in your safe position for one minute; the practice shaking stops when you hear the Shaking Stop Signal — one (1) long air-horn blast
  • Remain calm and check around to see if everybody is okay; consider possible hazards
  • Evacuate the building and go to your designated Emergency Assembly Point (EAP) - wardens will help guide you to the closest EAP
  • Stay at the Emergency Assembly Point until the EAP Coordinator signals the End of the Exercise  — two (2) air-horn blasts; return to your building

Be Alert Ready

Download the Camosun Emergency Management App (iOS/App Store; Android/Google Play; BlackBerry World)

Learn More

Thank you for your participation.


Todd Corwin
College Security
Camosun College

Last updated: October 1, 2018 4:25 pm

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