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Release Date: January 31, 2018

Dylan Marsden is passionate about sports and proud to be a 4th year Camosun Charger basketball player. “Sports has the incredible power to bring people together,” he says. “Everyone loves something about sports and there's so much passion about sports that can involve and inspire everyone at the college.”

Before studying Sport Management at Camosun, Marsden worked for the Vancouver Canadians baseball team, which had earned a leading reputation for their exciting in-game entertainment. “They were sold out every night because during every break of the action, there was always something going on,” says Marsden. “If you can make the game day experience fun and have that entertainment and that energy to support the athletes with what’s happening on the court, then people will love it and they’ll come back again and again.”

Bringing that same excitement to Chargers games has become a personal mission for Marsden, whose friend last year donned an all-blue outfit and started showing up at games banging drums and dancing in the stands, much to the amusement of fans. Since then, ‘Blue’ has been making surprise appearances to help pump up the crowds at games along with long-time Chargers mascot, Rampage.

To keep the momentum going in 2018, Marsden and a team of student volunteers are spearheading a new “Game Day” t-shirt initiative for students, faculty and staff. “The idea is that we are all Chargers,” says Marsden. “You don’t have to be an athlete to be a Charger. We want everyone to feel they are part of the team and to come out and have a great time. Can you imagine the excitement if everyone in the college starts wearing Chargers gear on game days?”

Fellow student volunteer Lexie Henry, who recently returned to Canada after a decade living in the UK and Ireland, believes that this approach will allow everyone to feel welcome. “I think this could help bring the two campuses together and to raise awareness about Chargers games,” she says. “It could also be very appealing to the international student community, because it can help them feel like they identify with something and be a part of something special at the college.”

For staff and faculty, it’s about showing your true colours, explains Centre for Sport & Exercise Education staffer Charity Calder. “I think that we can create home court advantage starting at 8:30am in the morning, and everyone will know that that’s when home court advantage starts at Camosun, because everyone will be wearing their Chargers t-shirts and everywhere you look on campus—it will be game day.”

Someone who has seen his fair share of game days over the Chargers' 24-year history is Camosun Athletics and Recreation Coordinator, Graham Matthews. “Standing room only attendance at last year’s highly successful CCAA Women’s Volleyball National Championship created a wave of momentum for the Chargers,” he says. “That resulted in record attendance this season in both our basketball and volleyball home games and a bigger than ever online following. We are really impressed with our fan loyalty and engagement as we head into hosting Nationals again in March and we hope this will extend into the college community.”

The first quarter of 2018 is shaping up to be an exciting time for sports at Camosun. On February 16 and 17, the Chargers host the popular annual ‘Island Rivalry’ basketball match up with Vancouver Island University and from March 7 – 10, Camosun will host the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) Men’s Volleyball National Championship at Interurban. In the broader sports world, 2018 is also an Olympic, Paralympic and FIFA World Cup year.

With all that attention on sports from a local, national and international perspective. Camosun hopes that the student-led t-shirt initiative will catch on with the college community and the public.

Get your Game Day shirt

The new Chargers t-shirts are available for sale starting February 2 and will be sold during Chargers games, at the bookstore, and at special booths around both campuses. Cost is $10 (cash only) with partial proceeds going to support new student athlete awards.

To pre-order yours, please email:


Charity Calder
Centre for Sport and Exercise Education
250-370-4708 |

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Camosun Chargers guard Dylan Marsden brings passion to the games both on and off the court.

“You don't have to be an athlete to be a Charger. We want everyone to feel they are part of the team and to come out and have a great time.”

—Dylan Marsden

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