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10am to 2pm, Friday, August 24, 2018
Centre for Trades, Education and Innovation at Camosun's Interurban Campus, 4461 Interurban Road, Victoria

Media Release
Release Date: August 22, 2018

The public and the media are invited to attend the 2018 Mechanical Engineering Project Showcase. This special one-day event takes place at Camosun's Interurban Campus on Friday, August 24 from 10am to 2pm in the atrium of the Centre for Trades Education and Innovation (CTEI).

"This is the capstone event for our graduating students," says Len Mar, one of six mentoring instructors from Camosun’s Mechanical Engineering Technology program. "Essentially, they start with an idea based on the problem presented to them, work as a team to develop a conceptual solution, then develop the concept into a virtual design. By the end of the term they have produced a working prototype or finished product."

This year, students have been taking full advantage of Camosun’s collaboration with its sheet metal trades division whose students have been manufacturing components for the projects. This has introduced another aspect to the projects with the integration of trades people into the design process.

"Our instructors and lab technologists work to coach and guide the student teams, especially when unexpected challenges arise, says Mar. "It’s hard work, as students apply their skills to real world problems. The capstone projects are the highlight and most rewarding part of the program for our students. They get a clearer sense of what they are capable of accomplishing as technologists."

This year’s showcase features a record setting thirteen projects representing the contributions of 52 graduating students. In addition, every one of the thirteen projects was sponsored by industry, integrating the element of real-world applied research and learning.

Working in teams of four, the second year students have been designing, fabricating and testing the following projects:

Gourmet Yogurt Production Improvements
System sensor additions and code integration to reduce ultra-filtration processing times in the production of Greek yogurt. (Industry Sponsored)
Automotive Seat Back Support Accessory
Development of a prototype seat device that can be adjusted to fit different body types while maintaining correct spinal alignment. (Industry Sponsored)
Vertical Bike Rack System
A novel modular vertical 4-bike carrying rack that contains several unique features not seen in existing commercial products. (Industry Sponsored)
Low-Cost Cider Production Bottle Filling Station
Semi-automated cider filling machine with customized filling head capable of dispensing correct combination of CO2 and cider to 4 bottles at a time. (Industry Sponsored)
Pick and Place Blister Loading Machine
Custom configured robotic pick-and-place work cell used to place inserts into protective blister packs. (Industry Sponsored)
Manta Ray Biomimetics ROV
Semi-Autonomous underwater research robot which mimics (Biomimetic) the swimming motion of a manta ray. (Industry Sponsored)
Solder Insert Cutting Machine
A specialized machine used to cut long, flat, narrow lengths of solder into specific lengths and cut angles. (Industry Sponsored)
Automated Production Sandblasting System
A proof-of-concept model of a proposed automated Sandblasting machine capable of processing large batches of components with no user intervention. (Industry Sponsored)
Prototype Camp Stove/BBQ/Lantern Unit
Replaces Coleman "Christmas Tree" setup with single combined unit that also includes a rotisserie for the ultimate gourmet camping experience. (Industry Sponsored)
Cold-Forming Wood Bending Machine
Want to learn how to bend wood into pretzels months or years later with your bare hands? This project will show you how Camosun Fine Furniture Department will be able to do this in the near future.
Automated Production Graphite Puck Removal System
Production equipment to eliminate repetitive strain issues associated with manual process. (Industry Sponsored)
Model Train Wheelchair Mobility Car
Not everyone who has visited Heritage Acres can ride the miniature trains operated by the Vancouver Island Model Engineers. With this new version, those who use mobility scooters can join the fun. (Industry Sponsored)
2-Axis Add-On Module for 3-Axis Racing Simulator
5-Axis has got to make a racing simulator more realistic – Right? Come and see how this was accomplished. (Industry Sponsored)


Len Mar
Instructor, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Camosun College

About Mechanical Engineering Technology

Mechanical Engineering Technology is a nationally accredited, two-year diploma program that prepares graduates for immediate employment in a number of rewarding careers. Graduates who choose to continue their education have the option to apply for Camosun's six-month Engineering Bridge program that leads directly into third year studies of an engineering degree program at UVic or UBC.

The last course before graduation is MECH 295 Project Planning and Design. Within the realm of technology education, MECH 295 is unique due to its intense design and prototype focus. Each student team starts with a blank slate and in only 11 weeks must conceptualize, design, manufacture, test, and present a device that reflects elements of what they’ve learned over the past two years. The project finale is the Technical Defense, where each group presents their work to a panel of engineering professionals from universities and industry. The panel quizzes the teams as to why each design decision was made, and then grades them on presentation, design, function, and construction quality. This grade accounts directly for 10% of the students’ final grade.

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