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Camosun’s new Welcome Week offers students an easy and friendly introduction to campus life. Over 70 volunteers wearing Camosun “Ask Me” t-shirts will be stationed at the bus loops and common areas at both campuses to help students with their questions. “We’ll have people walking around and offering help to students, having a conversation and making them feel more comfortable,” says Renée Carreiro, Camosun’s Recruitment and Admissions Coordinator. “We want people available who can answer questions so that students won’t have to go stand in a long line and after waiting for a while find out they are in the wrong line.”

Carreiro’s summer has been busy organizing campus tours, developing promotional items such as the college’s viewbook, preparing for an active fall session of recruitment activities and developing Camosun’s first ever “Welcome Week” at both campuses, scheduled from September 5–7.

Welcome Week volunteers will help students fill out required forms, register on CamLink, and find the right buildings and classrooms. They will also give out cool swag such as Camosun decals and light snacks and juice boxes, all while creating a positive and welcoming buzz for the busy first week of the back to school season.

The work required to prepare for September is a team effort from Camosun staff, says Carreiro who notes that over the summer, recruitment staff have been busy assessing prospective student applications and hosting large group campus tours for organizations such as the Air Cadets and Syrian refugee groups.

“We received final grades in early August and we’ve spent the past few weeks working on that,” she says. “We’re making sure the seats are filled and everything is ready for classes in September. And the work continues because we do some admissions right through start up and we are still able to accept students in some open enrolment programs like Business Administration and Arts and Science programs.”

As fall progresses, the recruitment and admissions team switches focus to recruitment events around the province. “Along with other post secondary institutions we’re part of a travelling road show and we go from high school to high school,” she says. “We give presentations, participate in mini fairs and help people with their questions about Camosun. And then we welcome high schools to our campuses that are doing field trips and organized tours. The fall is a pretty intense time for us.”

Despite the hard work, Carreiro loves the camaraderie, positive attitude and focus of her Camosun colleagues. “I feel like everyone genuinely loves being here,” she notes. “We all know that our common goal is to help a student come to Camosun and to be sure and positive that this was the best choice they could have made.”

As the inaugural Welcome Week takes shape, Carreiro is already thinking about the future. “Next year it’s going to be bigger and better,” she says. “We want students to say ‘I’m so happy that I chose to come to Camosun, that everyone is so helpful, I’ve got all my questions answered and that Camosun is the right place for me because I feel welcomed and I belong here.’”

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If you have a general question, the answer may be waiting for you at Ask Us.

Ivan Watson
Communications & Marketing Strategist, Camosun College

Last updated: July 3, 2019 10:48 am

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