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Release Date: November 3, 2017

When guests walk into historic Dunlop House at Camosun's Lansdowne campus on Thursday nights in November, they’ll be greeted by friendly and professional students ready to welcome them to their showcase pub.

Every Thursday night (4–6pm) until the end of November offers a fun and interactive themed pub experience. “There was a 'Bond' theme complete with Casino Royale-style poker chips, music and door prizes,” says Hospitality Management instructor David Pritchard who runs the Beverage Management course that teaches students how to run the pub nights. “They planned a Mexican 'Day of the Dead' theme to go along with Hallowe'en.”

At the beginning of term, Pritchard divides his class into rotating teams of four who plan and manage each week's pub experience. “The students are in charge of coming up with the overall theme, three different cocktails and choosing a selection of beers,” he says. “For the kitchen, they need to come up with an appetizer, a sandwich with a side dish as well as a pizza and a dessert option.”

The following week a different team of four takes over the management, while the other students in the class perform serving, bartending, chef, marketing and finance duties. “It's really great way to gain experience for those who’ve never worked in a busy restaurant before,” he says. “The main focus is on the managerial skills of communication, team work, organization, and preparation. But they learn a whole range of applied skills and gain exposure to many different aspects of the industry.”

Each week's proceeds go back to improve the educational experience. “Typically any money that is made from these pubs goes back to the students in terms of bursaries and scholarships,” says Pritchard. “They are really motivated to do a great job each week.”

Hospitality student Mike Norbury was part of the Bond themed leadership group and was pleased by the response of guests. “They’ve all very really happy and we've heard a lot of positive feedback,” he says. “We're held accountable each week and reflect on how things went, give advice on what went well, what didn’t go well and plan on how to improve next week.”

Pub nights are marketed to Camosun students, faculty and staff. Friends and family are welcome too. “I promise you will be pleasantly surprised if you come down and give us a shot,” says Norbury.

Dunlop House Pub Nights at Camosun Lansdowne run every Thursday from 4 – 6pm until the end of November, starting again in January. This week has a Hawaiian theme (November 9). Learn more about the Hospitality Management program.

About Dunlop House

Designed by famed Victoria architect Samuel Maclure, this home was built in 1928 for the Dunlop family. The Dunlop House Restaurant is open for lunch and dinner from October until April, featuring licensed bistro style dining, award-winning, locally-sourced, organic, and sustainable offerings at affordable prices.

Camosun Hospitality students pour pints and mix cocktails during November pub nights.


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