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Ethan Parsons likes the applied, flexible skills in the Medical Radiography program.

Camosun student, Ethan Parsons was exposed to health care from day one. Ethan was born with clubbed feet, which had him in and out of hospitals from an early age. His heavy involvement in sports when he was older also saw him seeing several doctors over the years.

“Being exposed to the medical system made me admire it quite a lot and want to be a part of helping someone’s life,” says Ethan. “All the health care workers I met made a very big impact on my life.” Ethan’s experiences came full circle in one memorable moment. "I was fortunate to have Dr. Peter Dryden do two of my surgeries and he did a fantastic job,” says Ethan. “And, because of the Medical Radiography Technician program, I was able to work with him in the OR. It was really cool. He actually remembered me.”

For Ethan, what made all these professionals stand out was their unbelievable patient care and seeing how relaxed and confident they were. “There are very few days that I go without thinking of the impact they’ve made and they continue to make on my life,” says Ethan. “I’d love to be able to pay that forward.”

With that goal in mind, Ethan started the Medical Radiography program at Camosun. “We’ve got 16 people per instructor. The student to teacher ratio is just amazing,” says Ethan. “This is hands on; the instructors are taking the time to get to know you, they’ll help you out, and they know your strengths and weaknesses.”

Ethan can’t say enough about the relevant instructors, all of whom are either current X-ray techs or former X-ray, CT, or MRI Techs. “They know exactly how to teach you based on how they worked on the job,” says Ethan.

“All the instructors are obviously passionate about teaching and Medical Radiography. They obviously take a genuine interest in what they’re doing. We hear stories of all the instructors going and doing further education to engage students more. It created this really great community within our program.”

Long-term goals? “Ideally I want a job in Victoria,” says Ethan. “My family is here, my girlfriend is here, it’s just my home and this is where I want to be. Though, I haven’t been across Canada so it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to go off somewhere and work for a bit. The job is ridiculously flexible; I’m certified across the country so I can go wherever I want."

Ethan Parsons at work in the MRT simulation lab.

“There are very few days that I go without thinking of the impact health care workers have made and continue to make on my life. I’d love to be able to pay that forward.”

Ethan Parsons, Medical Radiography Student

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