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Release Date: August 21, 2017

S’TEṈISTOLW̱ 2017 runs August 23–25 at Camosun's Lansdowne campus and is billed as an international gathering for educators, scholars, and knowledge keepers working in Indigenous adult education.

Over 350 participants from across Canada, the United States, and as far away as New Zealand will gather at Camosun College’s Lansdowne campus from August 23–25 to participate in the third iteration of the college’s Indigenous adult education conference.

“I’m proud to say Camosun has been a provincial leader in post-secondary Indigenous education, programming, and services for over 25 years and we have a deep college commitment to indigenization,” says Camosun College President Sherri Bell. “Increasing access to and developing culturally-relevant programs, encouraging student retention and completion, enhancing educational partnerships, moving forward with our Truth and Reconciliation initiatives, strengthening community ties and our relationships with local Elders, educating allies, and exploring Indigenous research are all highly important areas of action for Camosun and our educational community.”

Hosted by Eyēʔ Sqậ’lewen, the Centre for Indigenous Education and Community Connections, the goal of S’TEṈISTOLW̱ 2017 is to explore relationships and understanding, and to share knowledge and ideas to help the college move forward in the field of Indigenous education. The emphasis is on building relationships and networks of reciprocity—to share, learn, and exchange with each other.

“We’re trying to transform what Indigenous education looks like in a post-secondary context—locally, provincially, and internationally,” says Todd Ormiston, Chair of Indigenous Education at Camosun’s Centre for Indigenous Education & Community Connections. “We’re bringing together Indigenous and non-Indigenous scholars, community members, educators, and students to build relationships amongst each other and move forward Indigenous post-secondary education.”

Camosun is a leader amongst Canadian colleges in the field of Indigenous education and is committed to moving forward on the federal Truth and Reconciliation calls for action. Over 1,100 Indigenous students are currently enrolled at Camosun in a variety of programs, the college has an established Indigenous Advisory Council, 60 courses and programs integrate Indigenous content, and partnerships with local Elders and Indigenous groups are essential to Camosun’s vision.

S’TEṈISTOLW̱ is a SENĆOŦEN term referencing the concept of ‘moving forward’. The conference will focus on both the doing and being of Indigenous education. While they are inextricably intertwined, “doing” involves pedagogies and teaching practices. “Being” involves relationality, connections amongst educators, communities, students, cultures, and lands and involves living our collective values and proceeding with the intent of Eyēʔ Sqâ’lewen (good heart, good mind, good spirit) and Na’tsa’maht (unity and collective vision).

Previous S’TEṈISTOLW̱ conferences were held in 2007 in Victoria and 2010 in Burnaby in partnership with the Nicola Valley Institute for Technology. Attendance has risen dramatically from 75 participants in 2007 to over 350 expected in 2017.

Although space is limited, a small number of number of late on-site registrations are still available at a daily rate of $125. For registration and the conference itinerary, please consult the conference website.


Kelly Aguirre
Coordinator, 2017 S’TEṈISTOLW̱ Indigenous Adult and Post-Secondary Education Conference

The S’TEṈISTOLW̱ logo was designed by ɁUu-Kwa-Qum (James Swan). We gratefully acknowledge his ongoing generosity in allowing us to share and engage with his artwork.

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