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Release Date: March 17, 2016

Camosun Anthropology students are hosting the west coast’s second ever ‘Pestival’ of edible insects, inviting the public to sample and learn more about insect protein foods.

Anthropologists have been advocating for entomophagy—the human consumption of insects—for a long time, citing both nutritional and environmental benefits of the practice. Humans around the world eat a wide variety of insects as part of their daily diet.  Recently, with growing concern about how industrial food systems are affecting climate change and its unsustainable use of the planet's fresh water, Western cultures have started to explore insects as a nutritious and sustainable protein alternative.  Pestival provides an opportunity for people to learn about entomophagy and sample some examples of insect cuisine for themselves.

“It’s time for the world to start thinking of insects as an ingredient,” says Nicole Kilburn, anthropology instructor at Camosun College. “We have several teams of students who can show people how to add insects to their cooking and come up with nutritious and delicious creations. And as an added bonus, we’re exploring the logistics of micro-farming (growing insects as food) as a form of food security, their nutritional benefits, and environmental footprint.”

Pestival is being organized by students taking Camosun’s Anthropology of Food course, as an opportunity for them to share with the community what they are learning in the classroom.  Guests are invited to sample a variety of insect protein foods, and visit interactive displays that explore and challenge cultural reactions to the idea of eating insects.

Check out student posts on Instagram and Twitter using hashtag #Pestival2016

Pestival tickets are $5, available at or at the Lansdowne Campus bookstore


Nicole Kilburn
Anthropology instructor
Camosun College

Olivia, 6, holds out a delicious chocolate chirp cookie, made from cricket protein powder.

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