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Release Date: June 6, 2016

After ten intense and creative months, this year’s students are about to graduate from Camosun College with a certificate in Fine Furniture and Joinery. And now they’re laying it on the line with their end-of-year exhibit, showcasing their final projects and submitting their creations to critical judgment by industry experts.

Each student was challenged to design and manufacture seating using western maple donated by the Vancouver Island Woodworkers’ Guild. “This year’s grads are BC’s emerging designers,” says Ken Guenter, program leader for Camosun’s Fine Furniture program.  “Besides showcasing their talent, this exhibit also lets the public know that high quality, well-designed furniture is being made in Victoria out of our local wood resources.”  

The finished chair must be designed to meet standard shipping size requirements. If the assembled project is too large, it must be designed and constructed so that it can be shipped in parts and easily assembled once delivered.  The exhibition will also feature ¼ scale models of the finished projects which were part of the design process, as well as a few other projects that have been done by students over the last ten months.

“It’s important for our students to know how their new skills can work for them in the real world,” says Guenter. “There is a viable global market for made-in-Victoria furniture designs.”

The student projects will be judged by a panel of furniture industry experts:  local designers Ambre Fisher and Sara Peddle of Western Interior Design Group, Alfons Laicher, German Master Joiner and owner of Alfons’ Woodwork and Design, and John Lore, owner of Live Edge Design. Judging will take place at the Gallery at Cedar Hill Rec Centre from 1-3pm on Thursday, June 9, and the judges’ “best in show” will be announced Thursday evening, when the exhibit officially opens at 7pm. The judges’ choice will receive a $500 cash prize, donated by the Vancouver Island Woodworkers’ Guild. We welcome all to come and see the work and make their own determination as to which piece you think is “best in show”.

The public is welcome to view the exhibit from June 9 to June 21 between 8am and 8pm daily.


Ken Guenter
Fine Furniture/Joinery program leader
Camosun College

Paloma Shankar's chair On June 9, Craig McWilliam’s mid-century modern style influenced chair (pictured) was awarded “best in show” by a panel of industry judges. The 2016 fine furniture year-end exhibition runs until June 21 at the Cedar Hill Recreation Centre and is free and open to the public from 8am to 8pm daily.

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