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Media Release
Release Date: June 9, 2016

Camosun College's Computer Systems Technology and Electronics & Computer Engineering Technology - Renewable Energy students will showcase their Capstone projects to potential employers and the public. Now, at the culmination of their studies, these students possess the abilities to design and create exciting and innovative projects. Public and media are welcome to attend.

Two brilliant guest speakers have been invited to the event. The first guest speaker is Erin Athene who is the Victoria director of Lighthouse Labs, Canada's top developer bootcamp. The second guest speaker is Camosun alumnus James Puritch who is VP Research & Development of Reliable Controls. This is a great event to network with up-and-coming technologists and check out newly developed computer/electronic projects. There is no cost for admission or refreshments although guests are asked to pre-register online.

A special thank you goes to all the relevant organizations and faculty for their great efforts and generous contributions to make the Symposium a success.

We are continuing to accept sponsorship and offering attractive sponsorship benefits for the symposium. If interested, please contact us.

More details online at

Descriptions of the projects to be on display follow.


Saryta Schaerer, M.Sc.
Program Chair, Computer Science
Camosun College

Capstone Symposium Project Descriptions

Computer Systems Technology

  • Stream Of Consciousness - A new flexible interactive interface integrating multiple video streams and social media feeds to involve viewers into active content consumption.
  • LaTeX to SVG Project - An integrated LaTeX-to-SVG conversion functionality to the project being developed by Camosun instructor Peter Burrage
  • Board Game Recommender - A fun and interactive web application that takes your preferences and matches them to the best games the industry has to offer.
  • Bear Watch - A mobile application for monitoring the interaction of bears and bear viewers in the field.
  • Pluto - A web application designed to help people to find fun things to do around them with like-minded people.
  • Barkerville MIS. - An improved web application used by the brewery’s owner, employees, and investors to generate sales reports, and manage sales, customer, and product data.
  • Stack Button - A friendly–but powerful–cloud-based provisioning tool for DevOps tool chains and application infrastructure.
  • BC-Tour Project - The BC-Tour website provides an easy to use business directory tailored for tourists exploring British Columbia.
  • Predictive Log Analytics - An early problem detection tool  based on real-time log analysis.  
  • Award Ceremony - A web application to allow Camosun staff and administration to more efficiently organize and manage changes to the award ceremony.

Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology – Renewable Resources

  • JMP Beacon - A wireless lighting system featuring bright, multi­colour LED’s that are controllable with your smartphone.
  • Pill Minder - An automated, app-connected pill dispenser to help prevent common medication errors that endanger the elderly.
  • Wireless Amplifier Controller - A wireless amplifier controller designed for quick amp tuning during live performances.
  • Versus Box - A two-player versus arcade console that allows two people to play face-to-face against each other using one self-contained unit.


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