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Media Release
Release Date: August 17, 2016

Camosun is working with Arusha Technical College, the premier technical school in Tanzania, Africa to develop a gas transmission technician diploma program to meet the pipefitting needs of industry.

The final result will be a program adapted from British Columbia’s trades foundation and apprenticeship system, aligned with the local technical education system in Tanzania. The three year Diploma will eventually be delivered by Arusha Technical College, with first enrollment expected in the fall of 2017. Camosun is currently training trainers from Arusha Technical College and supporting the design of their new curriculum. The program is part of Improving Skills Training for Employment Program (ISTEP), a three-year partnership funded by Global Affairs Canada through Colleges and Institutes Canada.

In Tanzania, there has been a huge change in the population, with youth under 35 making up the largest demographic, as well as an increase of women entering the workforce. This change in demographics requires hands-on training that will help to fulfill the needs of the burgeoning oil and gas sector. Camosun is in a unique position to help provide the expertise and training required.  

The instructors from Tanzania understand the importance their education has for their country. “The training we have from Camosun means we can produce competent and professional personnel for industry,” says Baraka Kichonge, one of the trainees from Arusha Technical College.

From left to right: Baraka Kichonge, John Gordon, Nicholaus Mhusa, and Rashidi MKacha.

John Gordon, Chair of Camosun’s Plumbing and Pipe Trades and technical lead for the project, is working with three mechanical engineers from Tanzania for three weeks at Camosun’s Interurban campus in Victoria. The men will return in January 2017 to complete another three weeks of training before starting their own diploma program in Tanzania with the curriculum that they have designed collectively with Camosun in September 2017.

For John it’s been an unbelievable experience. “They are demanding a lot and it’s been challenging to understand their context,” says Gordon. “But it’s a good working relationship; they’re great guys to work with. We understand each other’s points of view and we have great conversations. They’re definitely here to learn.”

The trainees have nothing but praise for their time at Camosun. “The learning environment is very good, as are the facilities, “says Nicholaus Mhusa, another Arusha Technical College instructor, undergoing training here at Camosun. “We can do things physically here that are not very common in our college where we are limited from practical things due to financial problems because we can’t afford the appropriate tools. Here you can do all these things.”

Reflecting on their time at Camosun, the team is returning to Tanzania with many happy memories.“For me, working with the best and learning from the best is what I enjoyed the most,” says Kichonge.

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