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Media Release
Release Date: June 24, 2015

Camosun College's Computer Systems Technology and Electronics & Computer Engineering Technology - Renewable Energy students will showcase their Capstone projects to potential employers and the public. Now, at the culmination of their studies, these students possess the abilities to design and create exciting and innovative projects.  Public and media are welcome to attend. There is no cost for admission or refreshments although guests are asked to pre-register online.

Here are a few of the projects that will be on display:

  • A mobile application that will allow cyclists to report/view road and trail hazards on their daily commutes
  • A mobile application to help teach children on the Autism spectrum
  • A remote-controlled, self-balancing robot that interacts with its surroundings through video and audio
  • An innovative wireless device and Android app designed to allow self-measurement of range of motion for physiotherapy

Two guest speakers have been invited: Tim Teh, founding member of Kano/Apps and John Walmsley, production development manager at StarFish Medical. This is a great event to network with up-and-coming technologists and check out newly developed computer/electronic projects.

A special thank you goes to CGI, VividSolutions and MetaLabs for their generous contributions to make the Symposium a success.

Project descriptions follow.

More details online at


Saryta Schaerer, M.Sc.
Program Chair, Computer Science
Camosun College

Capstone Symposium Project Descriptions

Computer Systems Technology Project Descriptions

  • Checkfront - Checkfront Wordpress Plugin provides third-party booking and reservation services for hotels, events, tours, and more.
  • Ministry of Environment and Sierra Systems - Long Term Ecological Monitoring Application Cloud makes the collection of survey data for the Ministry of Environment more efficient.
  • Clear Sky Therapy Services - The Visual Learning Platform (VLP) assists behavioural interventionists with the planning of high-quality intervention for children on the spectrum.
  • Youneeq - Video Game News Website that features Youneeq's analytical recommendation engine for content generation.
  • Cube Global Storage - GAIN Reporting Application improves Cube Global Storage's current inventory management system.
  • Greater Victoria Bike to Work Society - Spoke N' Rode cycling app will allow cyclers to report and view road and trail hazards on their daily commutes.
  • Sendwithus - The CSS Inliner project is an upgrade to the current CSS Inliner, which reads and reformats clients' CSS to improve compatibility with email applications.
  • Unit4 Business Software - The Unit4 Business World P&D Component is a bolt-on application for an ERP suite that will help users to better understand the complex relationships between Payments and Deductions.
  • Keystone Systems - The KeyStone Intercom is a smart intercom that allows visitors of a multitenant establishment to personally contact building tenants via a phone notification triggered from an intercom.
  • Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development - Application Inventory System (AIS) is a web-based inventory system which will act as a central repository to store all application information provided by the Ministries.
  • Delivery Management System - The DMS project fulfills the delivery industry's need for an affordable, robust, and scalable digital Delivery Management System.
  • Saanich Parks and Rec - The Saanich Parks and Rec mobile app will provide users with a cross-municipality recreational activity search guide.

Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology – Renewable Resources

  • Ángulo - Paramo Innovations has created a wireless device and Android app designed to allow self-measurement of range of motion for physiotherapy.
  • Team Balancing Robot - Team Balancing Robot has created a remote-controlled, modular, two-wheeled, self-balancing robot developed for the aspiring electronics enthusiast.
  • SG&M Aerie Project - SG&M is developing a wireless charging station for aerial drones for use in various industries.
  • The DaVinci Node - The DaVinci Node is an inexpensive, open-source home automation solution.
  • Power Inverter - Sentinel Power is developing an DC-to-AC inverter for use in remote areas where access to grid power is impractical or non-existent.

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