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If you have questions that aren't answered here, please contact us.

1. What can I expect?

Course formats vary depending on the course but most are a blend of informal lectures, readings, in-class and take-home exercises, and plenty of feedback on your work from instructors or/and classmates. Some courses are designed to include guest speakers, show films, or meet at different locations. See individual course descriptions for details.

How much time you spend on out-of-class work is up to you as these courses are not graded, if you are unable to complete an assignment you are not penalized, but you can expect to gain more from the class if you can spend some time on the out-of-class exercises.

2. What level should I sign up for?

We offer beginner and intermediate level courses and workshops. Course descriptions will specify if there is a required skill level or prerequisite but all will have students with different levels of experience – our instructors and fellow students will encourage and support you, whatever your level. An adventurous beginner might take an intermediate level class and an intermediate writer might take a beginner class to get writing again after a hiatus, or to go back to the basics. If you have further questions about what course to take, email us.

3. Who are the instructors?

All of our instructors are published writers and dedicated teachers. Most have won awards for their writing. For more information, including instructor bios, see Our Instructors.

4. English is not my first language. Might this be a problem?

Many of our students are ESL learners. Because classes are conducted in English, you must have a good command of the language.

5. Who might I meet in your classes? Who are your students?

People like you! Our writing students come from every walk of life, from all sorts of backgrounds, and from a wide range of ages and writing skills. If you are wanting to ignite your creative spark, or if you are already serious about your writing and eager to hone your craft and get tips from a pro, we offer all of this and more. Some are new to writing, others are committed writers eager to get feedback, and all are connected by their desire to write.

6. How many people are in a class?

Class size varies depending on the course, between 8 and 20 learners in a class. Some classes have smaller size limits. Contact us if you’d like to know the maximum number for a particular course.

7. How do I enroll?

Please enroll early! Our courses are popular and fill up quickly. If you wait until the last minute there may not be space available or we may have cancelled a course that needed only one more student, you, to run!
If a course is full we encourage you to add your name to a callback list and we will contact you if a seat opens. Visit How to Register.

8. Can I contact the instructor before the course starts?

CE writing instructors are only on campus during their class time. One of our knowledgeable administrative staff will be able to answer most questions and if not will contact the instructor so your question is answered to your satisfaction.

9. What should I bring to class?

Students should always be prepared to write. Bring your favourite pen or pencil and a writing pad or note book.

10. Are there any text books to buy?

Some courses have text books to purchase.  This will be listed within the course description and on your receipt. If there is a text book required, please ensure you purchase it two or three days before the class starts. Most text books are available at the Lansdowne Bookstore (250-370-3080).  If not text book is listed, you will receive any relevant materials in class.

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