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Centre for Sport and Exercise Education

Research Project on Student Well-being

We are looking for student pictures!

We would love your help! We are conducting a research project to better understand how your experiences around physical movement influence your well-being. For example: hiking with friends on the weekend, meeting at the beach to study, biking to and from school, joining a dance class on campus, morning meditation session, sport practice or games.

We would like to capture your experiences through pictures – to create a collective story of how students move for well-being. Read more about us.

What do we need from you?

  • EMAIL our research team 1-3 pictures to that involve some activity or physical movement that made you feel good – in body, mind, spirit, socially, your jam, who you are, "that’s my life right now".
  • ATTACH a hashtag or two to summarize the picture.
  • PROVIDE a brief sentence of what is happening in the picture to aid your well-being. No other identifying information is needed.
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What it's all about

We will be collecting 100s of pictures from students across campus, and in the fall, we will be hosting focus groups to dig into the photos we collected and the themes that emerged. If you are interested we will send you an email of the date and time, and we will also provide some food and beverages and a promise of good conversation.

There is little risk to participating in this research but we do want you to be aware that this is voluntary: if you want to remove your picture just email us and we will delete it. Your submission is your consent; please choose a picture that you feel comfortable sharing—it does not have to be a picture of you but could be an image, an item, a metaphor. Your name will not be attached to the pictures you submit, but others will see it when we are analyzing the data and it could be used in our final presentation.

The benefits of this research are that we get to spread the gratitude of health and reflect on how movement influences student life. Recommendations may come from this study to improve student life and to promote healthy active living.

Please go on your phone right now and send us a picture at We look forward to seeing them; thank you!!

Who we are

Centre for Sport and Exercise Education faculty Tanis Farish and Alyssa O'Connor are teaming up with Counselling Department Chair Liisa Robinson to undertake a research project: Understanding Movement for Student Well-being: A photovoice project.

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