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Conference Themes

Share, learn and exchange with each other.

Indigenous Pedagogies

Land and Community-Based Experiential Learning

  • Conceptualizing the foundations and aims of land and community-based experiential learning
  • Projects focused in land-based education and/or partnerships with Indigenous communities
  • Examples of community-based adult education programs, language initiatives and approaches, including connections to and transitions between institution-based programs

Supporting Learner Engagement

  • Engaging Indigenous pedagogies and forms of knowledge production
  • Examples of creative and innovative approaches to supporting and realizing student success including on-line and distance education, arts-based approaches, filmmaking and social media
  • Insights into student support systems in counselling, advising and tutoring

Relationality/Living Our Collective Values

Practicing Indigenization

  • Indigenization is the process of infusing Indigenous knowledge and perspective into the structural layers of an institution
    • How is Indigenization being realized/actualized?
    • Presentations of Indigenization initiatives carried out in post-secondary institutions
    • What are the opportunities and boundaries in Indigenization initiatives?
    • What has changed in the objectives and processes of Indigenization over the last decade and where can we go from here?
  • How can we further vision Indigenous leadership and self-determination in adult and post-secondary education?

Strengthening Alliances

  • Examples of creative and innovative, mutually beneficial relationship-building activities/events/projects etc. with Indigenous communities, agencies, and partner post-secondary institutions
  • How can we strengthen/support our relationships collectively, in particular between Indigenous educators and institutions?
  • How to build local, national and international movements and networks of Indigenous educators and their allies?
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