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Aboriginal Service Plan (ASP)

Community project application

Community project application

Time frames and community responsibilities

  • Community project applications are submitted in February as a part of the Camosun three-year ASP plan application.
  • We receive notification of approval of the ASP plan in May. Camosun will notify communities of their project approval in May and June.
  • If community projects are approved, communities may submit invoices to Camosun in May–September.
  • Camosun will issue payments to approved community projects upon receipt of invoices.

Project eligibility

Projects must clearly demonstrate a connection to one or more of the ASP goals:

  1. Increase opportunities for Indigenous students to access and complete post-secondary education and training.
  2. Strengthen partnership and collaboration between Camosun College and your local Indigenous community/organization.
  3. Increase the sense of belonging and relevance for Indigenous students at Camosun College.

If you have questions, or more information, please contact Vivian Leik, Indigenous Special Projects Leader


Application deadline: May 31

Basic project information
First Nations/Indigenous organization name
Contact information
Full name of the project co-ordinator
Format: ###-###-####
Project details

Please give details about the following: How was the need for this project identified? How many community members will be participating? What are the long term impacts of the project? How does this project support the community strategic plan for education? How does this project fit into the ASP Goals listed above?

Please provide us with your projected timeline

Please include the number of events or activities planned for the project and the proposed dates of activity/event. Include all projected costs associated with the project including staff costs, food costs, stipends, honorariums, and transportation costs.

Community contribution, financial and/or in-kind. Please provide a breakdown of all community contributions: staff wages, space, etc.

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