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Hugh Cartwright Sessional Instructor — Chemistry

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Hugh Cartwright

BSc, PhD

Hugh has worked in chemistry for more than forty years. After completing a PhD in Free Electron Theory, his first experience of teaching was at the University of East Anglia in the U.K.; from UEA he moved to University College, Cork, in Ireland, and then to the University of Victoria.  In 1984 he returned to the UK to join the Chemistry faculty at Oxford University, where he was appointed Lecturer in Physical Chemistry at Oriel College and Senior Chemistry Tutor at St Anne’s College; he also held the position of Visiting Lecturer at Stanford University in California.

At Oxford Hugh’s research group focused on the development of methods that use Artificial Intelligence to tackle problems in chemistry. Members of the group studied areas such as drug design and toxicity prediction, efficient regimes for the processing of crude oil, the simulation of bacterial remediation and automated rule discovery.

While working at UVic, Hugh was a frequent presenter of the UVic chemistry show; on moving to Oxford he put together a similar show. Now in its 32nd year the Oxford show has been seen (and enjoyed!) by around 18,000 students.

In 2011 Hugh retired and moved once again to Canada, where he has taught part-time at both UVic and Camosun. He continues to teach because he finds his classes rewarding and entertaining; he hopes that his students feel the same way.

Courses taught:

Representative Publications/Books

  • HM Cartwright (ed.) Artificial Neural Networks, (2nd edn.)  Vol 1260 in the Methods in Molecular Biology series. Springer, New York. (2015). ISBN 978-1-4939-22383-3.
  • HM Cartwright, Using Artificial Intelligence in Chemistry and Biology: A Practical Guide, Taylor & Francis, (2008).
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  • HM Cartwright, Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Chemistry,  Volume 11 in the Oxford Chemistry Primers Series,  Oxford University Press, (1993). ISBN 0-19-855736-1.

 Selected Papers

  • HM Cartwright, S Curteanu, Neural Networks applied in chemistry. II. Neuro-evolutionary techniques in process modeling and optimization, Ind & Eng Chem Res,  (2013).
  • X Chen, LM Sztandera, HM Cartwright, S Granger-Bevan, The use of computational intelligence in the design of polymers and in property prediction, Lecture Notes of the Institute for Computer Sciences, Social Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering (LNICST),  (2012).
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  • AC Priest, AJ Williamson, HM Cartwright, The Applications of Artificial Neural Networks in the Identification of Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationships for Chemotherapeutic Drug Carcinogenicity. InP. R. Cohen, N. M. Adams, & M. R. Berthold (Eds.), Advances in Intelligent Data Analysis IX Proceedings,  6065 (2010),  137-146.
  • HM Cartwright, T Rusu, M Pinteala,   Artificial Intelligence methods: Challenge in computer based polymer design, in G Maroulis,  TE Simos (eds.), Computational methods in science and engineering,  Amer. Inst. of Physics, (2009),  214-217.
  • HM Cartwright,   Hands-on Science in Schools: Remote Experiments, Science in Parliament, 65, (2008), 24-25.
  • HM Cartwright, Artificial neural networks in Biology and Chemistry - the evolution of a new analytical tool, in Neural Networks: Methods and Applications, Methods in Molecular Biology,  458, (2008), 1-13; DJ Livingstone (ed), Humana Press.
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