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Looking for course outlines from previous academic years?

If you need to provide another institution with a detailed course outline, you can find them here. Use this directory to access PDFs of course outlines from previous years. They are sorted by academic year, then by semester, by subject code and then listed by course name and instructor.

Course Outline Archives


MATH-021-017 Pooja Gupta.pdf29.1 KB
MATH-021-018 Pooja Gupta.pdf29.1 KB
MATH-021-R14 Aubrey Bebar.pdf42.3 KB
MATH-021-R26 Aubrey Bebar.pdf62.2 KB
MATH-021-S01 Jill Auchinachie.pdf56.5 KB
MATH-021-S29 Jennifer Bennett.pdf54.8 KB
MATH-022-017 Pooja Gupta.pdf64.2 KB
MATH-022-018 Pooja Gupta.pdf64.2 KB
MATH-022-R14 Aubrey Bebar.pdf64.3 KB
MATH-022-R26 Aubrey Bebar.pdf64.3 KB
MATH-022-S01 Jill Auchinachie.pdf58.8 KB
MATH-022-S29 Jennifer Bennett.pdf60.5 KB
MATH-023-017 Pooja Gupta.pdf58.2 KB
MATH-023-018 Pooja Gupta.pdf58.3 KB
MATH-023-R14 Aubrey Bebar.pdf62.0 KB
MATH-023-R26 Aubrey Bebar.pdf62.0 KB
MATH-023-S01 Jill Auchinachie.pdf57.8 KB
MATH-023-S02 Alison Bowe.pdf127.7 KB
MATH-023-S02 Pam Johnson.pdf56.1 KB
MATH-023-S04 Alison Bowe.pdf127.7 KB
MATH-023-S04 Pam Johnson.pdf56.4 KB
MATH-023-S06 Pam Johnson.pdf56.4 KB
MATH-023-S29 Jennifer Bennett.pdf55.1 KB
MATH-024-017 Pooja Gupta.pdf63.6 KB
MATH-024-018 Pooja Gupta.pdf63.6 KB
MATH-024-R14 Aubrey Bebar.pdf63.5 KB
MATH-024-R26 Aubrey Bebar.pdf63.5 KB
MATH-024-S01 Jill Auchinachie.pdf59.8 KB
MATH-024-S02 Alison Bowe.pdf135.6 KB
MATH-024-S02 Pam Johnson.pdf80.5 KB
MATH-024-S03 Nicolas Mai.pdf70.5 KB
MATH-024-S04 Alison Bowe.pdf135.6 KB
MATH-024-S04 Pam Johnson.pdf80.5 KB
MATH-024-S05 Nicolas Mai.pdf70.6 KB
MATH-024-S06 Augustin Rusekampunzi.pdf64.5 KB
MATH-024-S06 Pam Johnson.pdf80.5 KB
MATH-024-S09 Nicolas Mai.pdf70.6 KB
MATH-024-S16 Mark Kunen.pdf29.5 KB
MATH-024-S29 Jennifer Bennett.pdf59.6 KB
MATH-025-017 Pooja Gupta.pdf58.1 KB
MATH-025-018 Pooja Gupta.pdf58.1 KB
MATH-025-R14 Aubrey Bebar.pdf62.4 KB
MATH-025-R26 Aubrey Bebar.pdf62.4 KB
MATH-025-S01 Jill Auchinachie.pdf57.6 KB
MATH-025-S02 Alison Bowe.pdf130.1 KB
MATH-025-S02 Pam Johnson.pdf57.7 KB
MATH-025-S03 Nicolas Mai.pdf70.3 KB
MATH-025-S04 Alison Bowe.pdf130.1 KB
MATH-025-S04 Pam Johnson.pdf57.7 KB
MATH-025-S05 Nicolas Mai.pdf70.3 KB
MATH-025-S06 Augustin Rusekampunzi.pdf58.1 KB
MATH-025-S06 Pam Johnson.pdf57.8 KB
MATH-025-S09 Nicolas Mai.pdf70.3 KB
MATH-025-S29 Jennifer Bennett.pdf54.7 KB
MATH-026-017 Pooja Gupta.pdf59.0 KB
MATH-026-018 Pooja Gupta.pdf59.0 KB
MATH-026-R14 Aubrey Bebar.pdf62.8 KB
MATH-026-R26 Aubrey Bebar.pdf62.8 KB
MATH-026-S01 Jill Auchinachie.pdf58.2 KB
MATH-026-S02 Alison Bowe.pdf130.7 KB
MATH-026-S02 Pam Johnson.pdf57.4 KB
MATH-026-S03 Nicolas Mai.pdf70.0 KB
MATH-026-S04 Alison Bowe.pdf130.7 KB
MATH-026-S04 Pam Johnson.pdf57.4 KB
MATH-026-S05 Nicolas Mai.pdf70.0 KB
MATH-026-S06 Augustin Rusekampunzi.pdf59.3 KB
MATH-026-S06 Pam Johnson.pdf57.4 KB
MATH-026-S09 Nicolas Mai.pdf70.0 KB
MATH-026-S29 Jennifer Bennett.pdf55.7 KB
MATH-037-017 Pooja Gupta.pdf75.0 KB
MATH-037-018 Pooja Gupta.pdf75.0 KB
MATH-037-R14 Aubrey Bebar.pdf81.5 KB
MATH-037-R26 Aubrey Bebar.pdf81.5 KB
MATH-037-S02 Alison Bowe.pdf155.0 KB
MATH-037-S02 Pam Johnson.pdf80.7 KB
MATH-037-S03 Nicolas Mai.pdf82.7 KB
MATH-037-S04 Alison Bowe.pdf155.0 KB
MATH-037-S04 Pam Johnson.pdf80.7 KB
MATH-037-S05 Nicolas Mai.pdf82.7 KB
MATH-037-S06 Augustin Rusekampunzi.pdf75.0 KB
MATH-037-S06 Pam Johnson.pdf80.7 KB
MATH-037-S09 Nicolas Mai.pdf82.7 KB
MATH-038-017 Pooja Gupta.pdf83.3 KB
MATH-038-018 Pooja Gupta.pdf83.3 KB
MATH-038-R14 Aubrey Bebar.pdf79.8 KB
MATH-038-R26 Aubrey Bebar.pdf79.8 KB
MATH-038-S02 Alison Bowe.pdf157.9 KB
MATH-038-S02 Pam Johnson.pdf80.7 KB
MATH-038-S03 Nicolas Mai.pdf132.7 KB
MATH-038-S04 Alison Bowe.pdf158.0 KB
MATH-038-S04 Pam Johnson.pdf80.7 KB
MATH-038-S05 Nicolas Mai.pdf132.7 KB
MATH-038-S06 Augustin Rusekampunzi.pdf82.8 KB
MATH-038-S06 Pam Johnson.pdf80.7 KB
MATH-038-S09 Nicolas Mai.pdf132.7 KB
MATH-052-017 Pooja Gupta.pdf92.4 KB
MATH-052-018 Pooja Gupta.pdf92.4 KB
MATH-052-D19 Pooja Gupta.pdf79.2 KB
MATH-052-DS19 Pooja Gupta.pdf79.2 KB
MATH-052-R14 Aubrey Bebar.pdf90.0 KB
MATH-052-R26 Aubrey Bebar.pdf90.0 KB
MATH-052-S02 Alison Bowe.pdf163.3 KB
MATH-052-S02 Pam Johnson.pdf92.5 KB
MATH-052-S03 Nicolas Mai.pdf108.4 KB
MATH-052-S04 Alison Bowe.pdf163.3 KB
MATH-052-S04 Pam Johnson.pdf92.5 KB
MATH-052-S05 Nicolas Mai.pdf108.4 KB
MATH-052-S06 Augustin Rusekampunzi.pdf96.4 KB
MATH-052-S06 Pam Johnson.pdf92.5 KB
MATH-052-S09 Nicolas Mai.pdf108.4 KB
MATH-053-017 Pooja Gupta.pdf91.4 KB
MATH-053-018 Pooja Gupta.pdf91.4 KB
MATH-053-D19 Pooja Gupta.pdf89.7 KB
MATH-053-R14 Aubrey Bebar.pdf101.1 KB
MATH-053-R26 Aubrey Bebar.pdf101.1 KB
MATH-053-S02 Alison Bowe.pdf160.0 KB
MATH-053-S02 Pam Johnson.pdf87.7 KB
MATH-053-S03 Nicolas Mail.pdf99.2 KB
MATH-053-S04 Alison Bowe.pdf160.0 KB
MATH-053-S04 Pam Johnson.pdf87.7 KB
MATH-053-S05 Nicolas Mai.pdf99.2 KB
MATH-053-S06 Augustin Rusekampunzi.pdf87.2 KB
MATH-053-S06 Pam Johnson.pdf87.7 KB
MATH-053-S09 Nicolas Mai.pdf99.2 KB
MATH-057-017 Pooja Gupta.pdf110.7 KB
MATH-057-018 Pooja Gupta.pdf110.7 KB
MATH-057-R14 Aubrey Bebar.pdf122.7 KB
MATH-057-R26 Aubrey Bebar.pdf122.7 KB
MATH-057-S02 Alison Bowe.pdf186.4 KB
MATH-057-S02 Pam Johnson.pdf112.1 KB
MATH-057-S03 Nicolas Mai.pdf117.1 KB
MATH-057-S04 Alison Bowe.pdf186.4 KB
MATH-057-S04 Pam Johnson.pdf112.1 KB
MATH-057-S05 Nicolas Mai.pdf117.1 KB
MATH-057-S06 Augustin Rusekampunzi.pdf106.2 KB
MATH-057-S06 Pam Johnson.pdf112.1 KB
MATH-057-S09 Nicolas Mai.pdf117.1 KB
MATH-058-D01 Pooja Gupta.pdf45.0 KB
MATH-072-017 Pooja Gupta.pdf83.6 KB
MATH-072-018 Pooja Gupta.pdf78.4 KB
MATH-072-D19 Pooja Gupta.pdf74.4 KB
MATH-072-R14 Aubrey Bebar.pdf78.5 KB
MATH-072-R26 Aubrey Bebar.pdf78.5 KB
MATH-072-S01 Gemma Cuizon Patrick Giommi.pdf141.7 KB
MATH-072-S02 Gemma Cuizon.pdf133.5 KB
MATH-073-017 Pooja Gupta.pdf86.3 KB
MATH-073-018 Pooja Gupta.pdf81.0 KB
MATH-073-D19 Pooja Gupta.pdf76.6 KB
MATH-073-DS19 Pooja Gupta.pdf76.8 KB
MATH-073-R14 Aubrey Bebar.pdf84.2 KB
MATH-073-R26 Aubrey Bebar.pdf84.2 KB
MATH-073-S01 Gemma Cuizon Patrick Giommi.pdf172.7 KB
MATH-073-S02 Gemma Cuizon.pdf133.3 KB
MATH-135-001 Gemma Cuizon.pdf87.5 KB
MATH-135-002 Gemma Cuizon.pdf87.6 KB
MATH-135-003 CathyFrost.pdf440.2 KB
MATH-135-004 Cathy Frost.pdf440.1 KB
MATH-137-001 Bogdan Verjinschi.pdf84.2 KB
MATH-137-002 Cathy Frost.pdf458.4 KB
MATH-137-003 Bogdan Verjinschi.pdf81.8 KB
MATH-139-X01 Michelle Edwards.pdf172.5 KB
MATH-139-X02 Michelle Edwards.pdf172.5 KB

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