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Welder Foundation

What You'll Learn

The basics and more

Camosun's Welder Foundation program will teach you the basics in welding to prepare you for your subsequent apprenticeship. Through the ten-sequential program courses, you'll develop skills from Oxy-Fuel gas cutting, welding and brazing, material handling to welding metallurgy and math supplementation.

Course Course Name
WELD 110 Welder Foundation

The Practical (P) modules provide theoretical and practical introductions to individual welding processes in the WELD 110 course. The Related Knowledge (RK) modules cover areas of important background knowledge required by welders such as Metallurgy, Welding Codes or Standards.

Modules Course Name
P1 Introduction/Program Orientation
P2 Oxy-Fuel Gas Cutting
P3 Gas Welding & Braze Welding
P4 Shielded Metal Arc 1
P5 Carbon Arc Gouging
P6 Gas Metal Arc/Flux Core Arc
RK1 Material Handling
RK2 Blueprint Reading 1
RK3 Welding Metallurgy
RK2B Math Supplement
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