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Visual Arts

Artist in Residency (AIR) Program

2017 Camosun College Visual Arts Artist-in-Residence Exhibition

The Visual Arts Program at Camosun College is proud to announce Memento, an exhibition of photo based works created by Mikhail Yerkovich during his 2017 residency at the College. This exhibition will run from January 8th to the 19th in the basement of the Young Building between rooms Y111 and Y117.

There will be a free reception, open to the public, on January the 12th from 6pm to 9pm with the artist in attendance.

Memento is a considered and conscientious depiction and reinterpretation of narrative and history. Mikhail Yerkovich has managed to exploit the nature of photography and its relationship to landscape in order to challenge and disrupt predetermined and outdated picture codes. While the images taken from throughout Southern Vancouver Island, Vancouver and Squamish areas seem familiar at first glance, they build from this familiarity as they confuse and imply incident(s) while simultaneously blending absence and presence in an inviting and haunting fashion. Memento proposes that pictures are a reminder or souvenir, but of what? Yerkovich seems to employ these pictures as a memory within a memory shaped to re-examine what and how we know. This new work by Mikhail Yerkovich asks its viewers to consider their place in the landscape and the numerous complicated histories that are shared and unknown around them.

--Brad Muir

Mikhail Yerkovich Artist in Residency

As an emerging artist I am beginning to understand the themes that my work can be viewed under. Whether conscious or not, my work tends to have an element of testing or questioning the nature of photography. Some examples of this are the puritanical notions in photography, or elements of truth that a photograph holds, and the idea of photo as a single slice of time. The other large aspect of my work is the visual unpacking of philosophical idea, with an attempt to make these theories or concept more palatable through the integration of visual imagery. Though I my interest is in the canon of photo conceptual art, I like my work to also have some aesthetic merit as well. This way if the theory or concept of the work is lost on the viewer, they can still appreciate the overall look of the work. My work strives to create dialog regarding ideas and concepts I find interesting, or topics I see poignant. My goal is to leave viewers challenging the prior notice they had about these concepts, to perhaps allow them to think about the subject in a different way than they may have before.

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