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Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Mechanic Foundation

What You'll Learn

The basics and more

You'll have the opportunity to work on building mock-ups and operating tools and equipment in real-life situations. By learning how the refrigeration and air conditioning systems operate before you start on installations or repairs, you'll become a versatile and highly competent trades person.

Course Course Name Total Course Hours
PIPE 110 Trades Core Practicals 150
PIPE 119 Piping Trades Access 150
PIPE 120 Piping Trades Practicals 150
REFG 130 Refrigeration Trade Specialty 300
TACC 109 Trades Access Common Core 150

The Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic Foundation program provides instruction in the theory and practices required to obtain credit for Level 1 apprenticeship in the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic trade. The program is comprised of the following core levels, in order:

  1. Trades Common Core
  2. Piping Common Core
  3. Refrigeration Specialty Core

Students will learn how to:

  • Apply safe work practices specific to the refrigeration and air conditioning trade within a variety of work environments.
  • Describe the different roles, functions, culture, and characteristics of the pipe trades in relation to other trades.
  • Use a variety of tools and equipment to demonstrate their applications, procedures for use, and maintenance.
  • Apply organizational skills to facilitate the efficient and accurate completion of work-related tasks and projects.
  • Describe the materials and the associated installation procedures.
  • Assemble and test basic electrical circuits and components.
  • Describe and install a variety of refrigeration and air conditioning systems.
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