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Psychology 110: Introductory, history, research methods

Psychology 120: Personality

  • Great Ideas in Personality - This site has links to almost all the different personality theories. A good site for Psych 120 students and students exploring the different grand theories, perspectives or approaches.
  • Personalities - This site has dozens of links to personality theorists, personality tests, and some fun do-it-yourself personality assessments. Not all of the sites are academic but many are fun.

Psychology 130: Social and abnormal

  • Sociological Social Psychology - A social psychology site organized by topic and question with links for many interesting issues in social psychology.  Each topic is also briefly explained and further links are listed. A very wide-ranging site on social issues.
  • Social Psychology Network - This is the largest social psychology database on the internet.It has more than 5000 links on social psychology. It also has links to other topics in psychology as well, including rankings of US and Canadian psychology departments (my schools both ranked in the top 5 (1 & 5)).
  • NIMH National Institute of Mental Health homepage - This US site has lots of links about mental illness for both causes and therapy.
  • Intelihealth - Aetna Insurance website with mental health links, including drug therapy information. It is based on Harvard Medical School Consumer Health Information.
  • Internet Mental Health - A megasite on mental health, including diagnosis, self-tests, medication, and treatment.
  • Mental Health Resources Online - A site with links to mental health resources on the internet.

Psychology 150: Developmental

  • Children Now - This site contains many, many links about all areas of child development. They call it a directory of children's services on the world wide web.
  • Parents' Place - A non-academic site with links for all parenting issues.

Psychology 164: Behaviour management

Statistical sites

  • Vassar Statistics - This site has all the statistical tools that you will need in psychology to analyze your data.

Organizations & Journals

Research Tools

  • Psychoinfo - Psychology database.
  • PsychCrawler - This is the site for the APA search engine that searches the internet for psychology topics.
  • PsyberSite at Miami University - A student created site on various interesting psychology topics.
  • Service Canada - The Canadian government website with statistics and information on all aspects of Canadian life.
  • Statistics Canada - Government of Canada site with all of the statistical information on Canadian demographics, including the economy, the land, the people, and the state.


  • Psychology Careers (APA) - This site is useful for giving you information on what careers are available within psychology and educational requirements needed for those positions.
  • Online Psychology Career Center - This site provides information on graduate school in psychology and on careers within psychology.

University & Megasites

  • Psych Web - This psychology megasite has everything!! This is probably the best compilation of weblinks in psychology on the internet. It even has a list of other megasites, just like this list.
  • Psych-central - A megasite with thousands of links to every conceivable topic about psychology.
  • The Psi Café - This is an eclectic site with links to all aspects of psychology including psychology in the news and today in the history of psychology.
  • Athabasca University Psychology Resources - Athabasca University offers online and distance courses. This site has many links for psychology sources of all types.
  • Social Science Information Gateway - A British site that includes not only psychology links but also links to other social sciences.
  • Yale University - Links for psychology in general and if you click on each individual course, you will see more links that are specific to that particular course and area of study. This site is good for doing research for papers.
  • McGraw Hill Publishers Supersite - A textbook publisher's site with links to all topics in psychology (and weird sound effects as well).
  • Snyder's Psylist - evolve University of Alberta site with many interesting links by topic. There are links to some interesting and unusual sites here.

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