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Prepare for a career at sea

With the Nautical Training programs, you will gain skills for an exciting, in-demand career while becoming part of a special international network of contacts and associates.

Note Transport Canada approved re-write is now possible in compliance with the Nautical deptartment QMS policy.

Nautical Base Training

  • All courses run from 0800 hours to 1700 hours each day.
  • Please check the prerequisite for each course before registering in a class (always check with your local Transport Canada office to make sure you are registering into the right course with the right prerequisites).
  • All courses have a capacity of 20 students, except SEN-O, which has a capacity of 8 students.


Contact Registration at 250-370-3550 to register for the following (non-CE) courses.

2018/19 Course Schedule

Course Code Course Name Start–End Dates Remarks Prerequisite
CP1&2 Chart Work and Pilotage 1 & 2 Sep 17-Oct 18, 2018 BCA CP 1 is 90 hours
MET1&2 Meteorology 1 & 2 Oct 1-22, 2018 BCA
NS1 Navigation Safety 1 Oct 22-31, 2018
CG2 Cargo Work 2 Oct 24-Nov 14, 2018 BCA
EPS Electronic Positioning Systems Nov 1-19, 2018 BCA (subject to TC approval) CP2, NS1
SEN-O Simulated Electronic Navigation–Operational Nov 21-Dec 11, 2018 (subject to TC approval) EPS, ROC-MC, CP2, NS1, L&TW, 6 months of sea time
SCS3 Ship Construction and Stability 3 Nov 19-Dec 14, 2018 Not BCA MATH 058 recommended
SCS3&4 Ship Construction and Stability 3 & 4 Jan 7-Feb 22, 2019 BCA MATH 058 recommended
CP1&2 Chart Work and Pilotage 1 & 2 Jan 7-Feb 6, 2019 BCA CP 1 is 90 hours
NS1 Navigation Safety 1 Feb 11-21, 2019
SEN-O Simulated Electronic Navigation–Operational Feb 25-Mar 15, 2019 (subject to TC approval) EPS, ROC-MC, CP2, NS1, L&TW, 6 months of sea time
CG2 Cargo Work 2 Feb 25-Mar15, 2019 BCA
SCS5 Ship Construction and Stability 5 Mar 25-May 13, 2019 BCA MATH 058 recommended
MET1&2 Meteorology 1 & 2 Apr 1-23, 2019 BCA
GSK3 General Ship Knowledge 3 May 1-22, 2019 Not BCA
COMM Communications May 22-24, 2019

Continuing Education (CE) Courses

The following courses are offered through Camosun's Continuing Education department.

CE Registration

To view the available course dates, click on the course code or visit Continuing Education. You can also register by phone, fax or in-person.

Course Code Course Name Prerequisite
INC Intro to Nautical Careers
L&TW Nautical Leadership and Teamwork
L&MS Nautical Leadership and Management Skills Certificate of competency at least at the officer level (Nautical, Engineering or Electro-tech), and at least 6 months of sea service
ECDIS Electronic Chart Display & Information Systems Computer experience with Windows, prior experience with nautical chartwork
SEN-L Simulated Electronic Navigation–Limited ROC-M or ROC-MC, Chart Work and Piloatge, and Navigation Safety at the level required for the COC
DVS Domestic Vessel Safety
SVOP Small Vessel Operator
MBFA Marine Basic First Aid
MAFA Marine Advanced First Aid
BRM Bridge Resource Management Certificate of Competency and sea experience
ROC-MC Restricted Operator Certificate – Maritime Commercial

Contact us

If you need more information about a certain course, contact one of the Nautical instructors:

Nautical Careers

Courses range from Basic Safety Training to long duration courses leading to a Certificate of Competency as Master or Mate, issued by Transport Canada, Marine Safety Branch.

An outline of the examination and certification structure PDF administered by Transport Canada, Marine Safety Branch is a great resource if you are considering a career in shipping.

To determine eligibility to write examinations, including assessment of sea service, eye sight and medical requirements and to establish which examinations must be written to complete a certificate contact your local Transport Canada, Marine Safety office with the name of the certificate sought.

Master, Fishing Master, Deck Officer

Our programs are offered in conjunction with Transport Canada Marine Safety Branch.

Once you complete your program at Camosun and meet the requirements of Transport Canada, including obtaining experience at sea, you may be issued a Certificate of Competency PDF.

Marine Certification

Refer to the Marine Personnel Regulations PDF made pursuant to the Canada Shipping Act 2001 for information on Marine Certification.

A Candidate Document Number (CDN) is required by Transport Canada prior to issuing training certificates. It is strongly recommended that you contact Transport Canada and obtain a CDN prior to taking a course.

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