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Music Performance

Admission Requirements

To apply to the Diploma in Music Performance, you'll submit two applications and application fees.

Application forms

You'll submit two application forms:

  1. Camosun application PDF
  2. Victoria Conservatory of Music (VCM) application PDF

The program has three intake deadlines: February 28, April 15 and June 1.

Your VCM application requires a $75 Music Application Fee. See the VCM website for more information.

Admission requirements

You will be asked to submit proof of assessment of:

  1. Performance - you must demonstrate your ability on a principal instrument through performance of a range of repertoire and technique that is consistent with your expressed professional goals, give evidence of past musical achievements and personal musical work habits. Aural Theory - at your audition, you may be asked to demonstrate your ability to vocally match pitches played on the piano, sing basic melodic intervals, and identify by ear basic chords and scales.
  2. Written Theory Placement Assessment - acceptance to the program requires a minimum theory/rudiments competency (see below). The expected minimum theory/rudiments level is the equivalent of VCM Grade 7 or RCM Grade 2 or MUSC 111. In order to assess your knowledge level, you will complete a three-hour written assessment of your knowledge of  theory/rudiments on the day of your audition. Students who, prior to applying, have completed MUSC 111 with a “C” grade or higher, VCM Grade 7 or RCM Grade 2, or through transfer credit from a previous program, are exempt from this requirement. 
    • Theory Assessment - the first assessment is included in the $75 Music Application Fee.  A request for a second Theory Placement Assessment, will require a separate fee of $40.
  3. English Language - a grade of "C" in English 11, or ENGL 050, or ELD 072; or by assessment

Program participation requirements

Students are required to have the appropriate computer, software and hardware for the program. For more information, see: What It Costs

Minimum Music Competency

Many first year Diploma Music Performance courses require MUSC 111 as a prerequisite. Students who have successfully completed the Theory Placement Assessment and have demonstrated a fluency with written rudiments in music at an accepted VCM Minimum Music Competency standard, will have met this MUSC 111 prerequisite requirement. All other students will be required to upgrade their written theory level prior to the beginning of the program or during their first and second terms of study by taking Music Fundamentals MUSC 110 and/or MUSC 111.

Completion requirements

The Diploma in Music Performance requires that you successfully complete all specified program courses and achieve an overall cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 ("C").

Apply online


All applications and enquiries concerning enrolment in the program should be directed to:

Assistant Program Director
Rosabel Choi
Victoria Conservatory of Music
900 Johnson Street
Victoria, BC V8V 3N4

Phone: 250-386-5311 (ext 2190)
Toll free: 1-866-386-5311 (ext 5000)
Fax: 250-386-6602

Musical skills a bit rusty?

Do you suspect that you will need to upgrade your musical skills before applying to the Diploma in Music Performance? 

The Victoria Conservatory of Music – Camosun's partner in music-making – offers a full range of courses with program instructors in voice, instruments, and music theory to give you the personalized assistance you desire to maximize your audition options. 

Talk to one of our instructors to consider what's right for you! Voice and instrument programs can be started at any time of year; theory programs begin January, July, and September. Email the VCM for more information.

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