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Music Creativity & Performance Foundations

Admission Requirements

Application deadlines

 Note: Due to COVID-19 restrictions, audition videos and TPAs are now accepted online for the 2021F - 2022W entry. Please contact the VCM postsecondary office for more information.

Ready to get started? Application deadline for early admission to Fall Term is February 28 of the same calendar year. Auditions are scheduled March 15 - April 15. Second Round application deadline is April 15. Auditions are scheduled late April - June 1.

Third Round application deadline is June 1. Auditions will be arranged June 5 - 15. In some cases, students may be admitted as late as August. All application materials must be received complete and in full before the candidate is moved to audition.

Note: Applicants from Vancouver Island and within a day’s travel of Victoria are expected to perform a live audition. Long-distance applicants may consider submitting a recorded audition. Applicants are advised that a recorded audition may not reflect the depth of the applicant’s skills, and therefore a recorded audition can be less successful overall than a live audition. Any applicant may be given the opportunity to have an additional one-on-one assessment if in the opinion of the audition committee it would benefit the applicant. Auditions are valid only for the year in which they are taken. Recordings used for audition purposes must have been recorded within three months of the date of application.

Application forms

To apply to the Diploma in Music Creativity & Performance Foundations , please submit two applications.

  1. Camosun application
  2. Victoria Conservatory of Music (VCM) application*

*The VCM Application additionally requests two letters of reference outlining the applicant’s musical skills and accomplishments and suitability for postsecondary study in music.

Admission requirements

A Minimum Music Competency is required for acceptance.

Requirement High school course Camosun course Alternative
one of:

C+ in English 12
C+ in English 12 First Peoples

C in ENGL 091 and ENGL 093
C in ENGL 092 and ENGL 094
C in ENGL 092 and ENGL 096
C in ENGL 103 and ENGL 104
C in ENGL 142
C in ELD 092 and ELD 094
C in ELD 097
C in ELD 103 and ELD 104

Camosun assessment

External assessment


Recommendation of Victoria Conservatory of Music

Acceptance into the Music Creativity and Performance Foundations program is by VCM audition only. Students who successfully audition will be recommended to Camosun for completion of their student registration at Camosun. Students who do not fulfill the registration requirements set by Camosun will not be accepted into the program. Only students who successfully audition, and are successfully registered by Camosun, will be considered students of the VCM for the purposes of this program. Before final acceptance into the Music Creativity and Performance Foundations program, students must provide signature proof that they have read the information; conduct policies and expectations; and requests for waivers/permissions detailed in the VCM Student Manual before final acceptance by the VCM.

Program participation requirements


Students are expected to own or have legal title/ responsibility to use the instrument they define as their Principal Instrument. It is expected that the instrument (including voice) that a student auditions with will be their Principal Instrument. Students of portable instruments must provide, transport, store and maintain in optimal working order their own instruments, including reeds, swabs, bows, microphones, cords, amplifiers, power supplies, and related software and hardware and as needed.

Students who will study and perform upon guitar or accordion, string, woodwind, or brass instruments are required to supply and maintain at optimal performance level a professional or pre-professional instrument, and to supply all accessories (e.g. swabs, reeds, bows) necessary to proper practice of the instrument. Students who will study and perform upon instruments which commonly have associated doubling instruments (e.g., flute and piccolo) or instruments of alternate pitch (e.g., Bb and A clarinets) may be required to supply good-quality additional instruments and maintain the same at optimal performance level. Keyboard, harp, large string, common doubling and percussion instruments may be provided and maintained by the Victoria Conservatory of Music; however, students must supply all accessories (e.g., swabs, reeds, bows) necessary to proper practice of the instrument, and students are not permitted to use these instruments for any purpose (personal or otherwise) other than to fulfill study and performance requirements of course work in the program. An instrument use and rental fee may apply.


All students must supply appropriate performance attire as required by the performance of course work in the program.

Collaborative Pianists and Other Instrumentalists

Students of voice, bowed string, woodwind, and brass instruments are required in some instances to make arrangements (both schedule and financial) for collaborative pianists as required by the performance demands of chosen repertoire and individual courses. Time required for work with collaborative pianists will be set by the instructor of individual courses as required; fees may be billed by the hour (or portion, thereof) of rehearsal and length of performance, and are set by individual collaborative pianists. Students are free to choose to work with the collaborative pianist that meets their individual needs. In certain situations, the fees to collaborative artists may be absorbed into course fees.

Original Music Scores

Students are required to obtain, on loan or at their own expense, and use original (not photocopy) music parts and music scores to all repertoire assigned by instructors that is NOT in the public domain. Some music may be supplied by the instructor, particularly for ensemble courses. A music rental deposit or fee may apply.

Outside Extra Performances

The performance focus of the Certificate in Music Creativity and Performance Foundations program may require students to participate in performances outside regularly scheduled class times. While every effort will be made to notify students at the start of term, performance schedules may differ from those initially announced. Performances deemed invaluable to the musical development of the student(s) may be added and required throughout the term.

Extra Program/Performance Fees

Travel off-campus, specialized attire or equipment, and/or additional performance or application fees may be required for some performances.

Completion requirements

To qualify for the Certificate in Music Creativity & Performance Foundations you must successfully complete all required courses and achieve an overall cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 ("C").


All applications and enquiries concerning enrolment in the program should be directed to:

Assistant Program Director
Rosabel Choi
Victoria Conservatory of Music
900 Johnson Street
Victoria, BC V8V 3N4

Phone: 250-386-5311 (ext 3310)
Toll free: 1-866-386-5311 (ext 5000)

Musical skills a bit rusty?

Do you suspect that you will need to upgrade your musical skills before applying to the Certificate in Music Creativity & Performance Foundations ? 

The Victoria Conservatory of Music – Camosun's partner in music-making – offers a full range of courses with program instructors in voice, instruments, and music theory to give you the personalized assistance you desire to maximize your audition options. 

Talk to one of our instructors to consider what's right for you. Voice and instrument programs can be started at any time of year; theory programs begin January, July, and September. Email us for more information.

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