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Medical Radiography

Year 2

Getting started as an Medical Radiography Technologist

In your second year, you will build on your radiographic foundation knowledge, develop your communication and research skills, complete two more clinical rotations and prepare to write the CAMRT national certification exam.

Year 2

Academic Term 4

Course Course Name Credits
Total Credits 8
MRAD 254* Interprofessional Exploration for Technologists 2
MRAD 260  Clinical Practicum 2 6

*MRAD 254 is an online course


Academic Term 5

Course Course Name Credits
Total Credits 19
MRAD 256  Relational A&P for Technologists – Part B 3
MRAD 264  Interprofessional Practices for Technologists 2
MRAD 266  Introduction to Cross Sectional Anatomy 2
MRAD 268  Professional Preparation for Imaging Technologists 3
MRAD 273  Pathology for Radiographers – Part B 3
MRAD 277  Computed Tomography Procedures 3
MRAD 279  Principles of Computed Tomography 3

Academic Term 6

Course Course Name Credits
Total Credits 9
MRAD 288 Capstone Project 3
MRAD 290  Clinical Practicum 3 6

Current Students: If you started this program prior to 2014 please contact an Academic Advisor for assistance with making course selections that will support your eligibility for the program credential.

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